The Looney Bin Recruiting

Tight-nit Null sec corp, looking to add a couple members. Newish-bro friendly (5-10mil in basic skills is very helpful). We dabble in pretty much every area of play styles, and have experienced mentors that can help you find your niche and create an enjoyable play environment for you. We can support you whether it’s mining in a venture, or ratting in a supercarrier, very experienced vets always here to help. There are PvE and PvP opportunities, from small gang (2-10) to alliance sized conflicts (100-2000+). We have lots of industrial infrastructure as well if that is what makes you happy. Voice coms are a MUST, as are ESI checks. We allow a lot of freedom of actions but maintain a drama-free environment. We have a moderate EU contingent and a strong US group of pilots, all time zones are welcome.

Message Pietro Caspian in game, or join our recruiting Channel, TLBY Recruiting, to speak to a recruiter today. Fly safe!

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