The Malt Collective | Do you like beer? [EU-TZ]

Welcome to The Malt Collective, a newly formed corporation dedicated to fostering a thriving community of both new and experienced players. We are currently located in Highsec, close to FW Space and our goal is to grow. Long term goal will be moving to null-sec.

What do we offer:

  • Mining (with Boosts) and Refining
  • Industry and PvE
  • PvP Roams (lowsec, nullsec, filaments et al)
  • A focus on playing together
  • experience with nearly all parts of the game
  • Focus on EU-TZ

What are we looking for:

  • Mature and active players
  • Teamplayers
  • PvE, Miners & Industrialists, PvP:ers

Our Rules: Don’t be a dick

About me:
I`ve been playing EVE on/off over the years and decided to start fresh in Highsec. You can check for my old main (now biomassed) with the same name for a background check.

Join our ingame channel The Malt Collective or say hi in Discord

Fly safe / o7 Beer from Bavaria

Bump! We`re still looking

Join the Malt Collective and help build a community :slight_smile:

bump - still looking for members

we`re still looking for new members! Join discord to talk with us :slight_smile: