The New Eden Yacht Club - EUTZ - C4 WH PVP Corp

The New Eden Yacht Club [Y4CHT]

Y4CHT is a small C4 PvP corp sailing through a sea of wormhole giga-blobs. In a world where high-class wormhole fights often have 50+ characters on each side, we prioritise the old-school wormhole values and lifestyle, where teamwork and every individual’s actions count.

We live in a no-effect C4 wormhole with C3 and C5 statics. Small-to-medium-sized-gang PvP is our main focus. We aim to find ways to take every fight, and as a group, we are constantly working on improving our gameplay and finding ways to punch above our weight class. Killboard stats are not important to us, win or lose; we value the experience of a fleet with each other more.

Our main activity is scanning chains and hunting for content. Our statics are rolled often to keep chains short and PvP opportunities close. Our community is highly active, with a vast amount of wormhole experience.

While we do not focus on PvE, we accept it as a necessary evil on the path to PvP, and when we need to fund our activities, we do so as a group.

Our group has been intact in various shapes for many years, always in wormhole space. We have weathered many storms and realised that community and teamwork are stronger in the long term than n+1 Leshaks. We are diverse, from the oldest vets to the newest players from all over the world.

If this sounds like a community that you would like to call home, drop into our public channel ‘Y4CHT’ or visit our discord server:

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