WH Corp The New Eden Yacht Club is recruiting!

The New Eden Y4CHT Club is a PvP oriented wormhole corporation based in a C2 wormhole with C5 and Null Sec statics.

We have a nice EU and US timezone presence

What we offer:

  • Content in WH space and beyond
  • Small/medium gang fleets
  • Friendly atmosphere and mature, helpful pilots.
  • Several Citadels
  • Forums, Teamspeak, out of game comms
  • Mapping tool
  • Real Life always comes first

What we ask:

  • Decent scanning skills or scanning alt
  • Good personality
  • Omega clone
  • Frigate 5 + covert ops cloaking.
  • Good personality
  • Abilty to fly cruisers and battlecruisers with t2 tank and decent weaponry skills.
  • Good personality
  • Willingness to train into doctrine ships

Each recruit will be judged on their skillset, therefor we have no SP minimum.

Direct applications will be rejected. Join our public channel (Y4CHT) for a chat instead :slight_smile:

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