Y4cht - c2 [ns/c5] -100% pvp

The New Eden Yacht Club [Y4CHT] is a dynamic group of enthusiastic PvPer’s who live in a C2 Wormhole with nullsec and C5 statics. We are looking for PvPers our numbers and farm nullsec tears.

What we offer

  • Experienced pilots and FCs to learn from

  • Countless engagements through our NS static

  • Small to Medium Gang roams

  • A mature and friendly group of pilots

What we need from you

  • PvP experience

  • A cruiser to level 5 (Amarr preferred)

  • A source of isk [Y4CHT] does not offer SRP or Krabbing operations.

  • Basic knowledge about Wormhole space

  • Working Mic and TS3

  • Willingness to learn from more experienced pilots

  • Expect to fight outnumbered

For more information join our in-game channel Y4CHT Or Contact “Gidian Cox” in game




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