The new FC ship idea

(Slave 8) #1

I have seen a few people complaining that it will have no way to for people flying the FC ship to get onto kill mails.

Perhaps give the ship 3 mid slots that can only fit a special new mod. A type of target painter that has zero effect on the ships stats.

3 different types

  • Primary Painter (Creates a large holographic Red arrow above target and broadcasts to all fleet member primary target.
    -Secondary Painter (Creates a large holographic yellow arrow above target and broadcasts to all fleet member primary target.
    -Tertiary Painter (Creates a large holographic yellow arrow above target and broadcasts to all fleet member primary target.

Could even some how code them to change color and re broadcast as targets die or something.

could be cool and functional and get FC’s on kill mails, without being op.

Yes i know fleets are all on coms and call targets, and i know it may confuse people if the fc can not keep up etc but it’s allows KM whoring and will prob look nice visually.

(The Dunning Kruger) #2

No. You, like everyone else complaining, is missing the entire point of the ship. It is not supposed to be the go-to FC ship. It is for those FCs that want to avoid being headshot at all costs. That includes giving up killboard padding. If they want to pad their meaningless killboards while FCing, they can fly another ship.

(Agondray) #3

I don’t see it keeping from being headshot by large fleets unless this things got the hp of a titan.

(The Dunning Kruger) #4

It’s a battlecruiser with frigate-sized signature radius and 90% base resists + an additional 4% per level, so it more or less does when damage application is taken into account…

(Max Deveron) #5

A proper FC shouldnt be worried about KM whoring anyway…if that is your first concern and running the fleet your second concern…then you are a piss poor FC.

(Lugburz) #6

yeh is gonna be a real hard ship to hit with an ab on

(Slave 8) #7

Whats wrong with Kill mails being a secondary concern. Kill mails are like a CV in this game … Have a few hundred kill mails in an FC ship will open a lot of doors and make people more inclined to trust your ability.

(Agondray) #8

because being a frigate size helps the frigates from not being primaried? just means itll take a little longer to kill it.

trust me there will be a race as per all released ships to see who can kill it, but no one will be killing in it sadly this time.

(Agondray) #9

yeah everyone these days in a pvp group goes off your killboard, got a stupid loss? your out. got to many weaksauce kills? nope. I’ve seen people kicked out alliances and corps due to a loss, I’ve had people receive disciplinary actions over simple pvp losses, being ganked, or losing a wh scan ship that was being used to scan down chains and jumped into a smartbomb camped hole.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #10

The ship is not designed to provide FCing for a frigate fleet. It is designed for BC/BS large fleet combat. If it works and is popular, we may see other variants. Still, for now it’s purpose is to FC larger fleet fights using ships that have guns large enough to have trouble tracking frigs to begin with.

(Circumstantial Evidence) #11

It sounded cool, but here are many reasons some FC’s think it will be bad for EVE in the long term.

(Awesome Possum) #12

ffs… allow it to fit civilian gun in highs.

problem solved.

(Yaaar's Revenge) #13

I mean, getting on KM’s will be dead easy with the Monitor as it can fit a Target Painter anyway…Problem solved