The Nighthawk needs more mids

(Void Weaver) #1

Currently it has 5M/5L but for a shield ship makes it almost impossible to fit a decent tank with any sort of utility.

Its armor counterpart, the Absolution, gets a more useful layout with 3M/7L.

So I think to bring the Nighthawk inline with this at least a +1M/-1L is required but to make it a real choice +2M/-2L would make sense to me.

Any thoughts?

(Blade Darth) #2

The whole command sh-:poop:-t line got a bit left out during the BC rebalance, I thought they gonna change them after off-grid links get kebab’d but apparently they just got forgotten.
Go without an invul and compensate with links ;f

(Specia1 K) #3

The Nighthawk was okay-ish when you needed the lows for processors to fit CPU for offgrid boosting modules. Now that rigs are the extension, and boosting is ongrid and tank is required, it would be better to move the slot layout as you have pointed out.

The Vulture has moved from the ugly duckling into the swan (in large part thanks to Ferox fleets). The 6/4 slot layout for mids/lows would do as well for the Nighthawk. 7/3 would do better and fit the typical Caldari layout.

(Void Weaver) #4

Yea I do find the Vulture has some decent options with its layout but every time I see the Nighthawk on the ship tree it makes me regret Caldari BC V :frowning:

(elitatwo) #5

I have a suggestion. Git gud. Learn fitting.

(Soldarius) #6

There is a reason why every time someone fields a Caldari CS in AT its a Vulture and not a Nighthawk. Having a Minmatar slot layout is one of them.

(elitatwo) #7

The Nighthawk would not be as bad if the weapons would do damage. You can have a 900 dps passive shield regeneration tank on the Nighthawk.

(Chan'aar) #8


Heavy missiles are still flocking crap :angry: