Improveing The Night mare ship


I was a part of Provi war against PL.
we was using Nightmares but some how they stopped using it to Abaddon.
The reason that being given that it is effective can be easily being isolated
because Void bomb.
(Void bomb do neut the capacitor so shield hardener will be deactivated).
Plus to that is the BPC being lowered to be droped from sites.

To bring the Nightmare to the meta again as ppl say i was thinking about
something to improve it.

So here is the Trait of the ship as it is now:

Caldari Battleship bonuses (per skill level):
30% bonus to Afterburner velocity bonus

Amarr Battleship bonuses (per skill level):
7.5% bonus to Large Energy Turret tracking speed

Role Bonus:
150% bonus to Large Energy Turret damage

My suggest is to add under caldari section this:
If polrized (90% for total shield capacity per level) .

Polarized laser can do 900 DPS on 60 KM and 1300 on 30KM
But will delete all resisting.

So who want to use hardner will stay as it is having disadvantage against
void but who want to avoid it he need to polarize to get HP and good DPS
and med range.

Good add for solo also as Ibeast posted his video on redidit.
There is some improvement can be add by using Gnome 70(X) hardware.
And by using command boosting and faction extenders.

The result i belive can be like this for HP:
Max HP for me when fitting all faction extender in med is
61700 HP with out hardware or boost

So : (((caldari level *90%) + (Command boost )+(hardware boost)) * Hp capacity)
in my situation : (((4 *90%) + (8% )+(6%)) * 61700) = 230758
Max will be 286719 Shield HP

So Max HP 316000 and AVG 220K HP total.
Long range 60KM
Short range 30KM

Can you have someone that speaks English as a first or second language translate that for you?


pretty much covers it.


That sound evil

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