The Ocean Awaits- New Bro Friendly Wormhole Corp

Dolphin Noises is Recruiting ALL TYPES of interested players for the purpose of creating a community. If you are interested in joining a community where one player helps another, and the greater corp through teamwork, then look no further!

Dolphin Noises is a new bro friendly WH corporation. We live in a C5 with a C5 static and our aim is to expose new players to the adventures of Wormhole space.

Whether you are one day into the game, or a seasoned veteran, we have a place for you!

What we offer:

-Skill training plan with over 100 free skillbooks for new pilots
-Ship Replacement for doctrine ships
-Training on how to become self sufficient in WH space (PVE, scanning, PvP)
-PvP that allows for participation at all skill levels
-Corporate buyback on all WH materials at 100% Jita value

For any direct questions concerning recruitment or wormhole space feel free to join our recruitment channel “Sea World” or contact one of our recruiters directly:

Tis-A-Shart - Picard Galax - Orson Brawl - Falc0n Raxor

Recruitment Channel: Sea World

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