SOUND is Recruiting! [C5 PvP WH Group]

We like to fly under the radar sometimes, but we’re still here and still active!

About us: Of Sound Mind is a PvP alliance living in C5 wormhole space. Recruiting is open to new players, veterans, and all those between. [Note that we will ask you to train to fit a cloak and T2 tank modules onto your ship before you move in: we find this makes wormhole life much less frustrating for newer players.]

Daily life in SOUND: Our pilots have the most fun when we are fighting pretty much any other player or group, especially if we can do it together. We search for whatever content our wormholes connect to. That usually means small gang pvp, wormhole honor brawls, ganks, null roams, and hell occasionally we even pretend rats are other players and we shoot at them.

Community: We are active on Slack and our forums, and love when our newbies ask questions! We enjoy helping each other learn more about the game. We also strive for all our fleets to have a place for characters of all SP levels, including those with lower SP and/or ISK. It is common to see a Tengu pilot fighting alongside a slasher, a Bhaalgorn by a Maller.

Good people: good friendships: EVE is a game where players benefit from building positive relationships, and SOUND is a place for that. In SOUND we expect pilots to be outstandingly classy, and we focus on creating a friendly, inclusive community.

Really, no slurs: It is especially important to us that all players feel welcome. We keep our communication channels clear of language that is harmful to others. That being said, some of us do curse like sailors. Profanity is fine, slurs are not.

If you want more info about us, check out our white paper. If you’re interested in joining, hop onto the in-game channel “[SOUND]” (without the quotes) or sign up for our public slack, where you can ask questions and speak to a recruiter. Hope to see you in space!

Some more information about us: Our alliance, SOUND, currently lives together in R3, the historical name for our C5 home in wormhole space! Our C5 static provides rich opportunities for both PVP and PVE, and often leads to lower class chains for relic hunting and good kspace exits. Much of our fun comes from roaming our wormhole chain or nullsec to look for small gang fights or to dunk on nullbears. Whenever we roll into another decently-large wormhole group, we’ll try to form up and get nice brawl going. We also enjoy spooking around the chain to find people doing silly things that we can shoot at them for. We also have occasional PVE ops (site running, gas huffing, etc.) to help everyone fill up their coffers. We are heavily USTZ, but have some players and coverage across other timezones. We are actively looking for great pilots to help build out or EUTZ and AUTZ timezones, so if you are in those time zones and want to be a part of building those out, throw us an app!

As a member of SOUND, you’ll have access to:

  • Small gang roams to kspace

  • Organized/’’on the fly” wormhole fights, of varying size

  • Excellent ‘SRP’ (Ship reimbursement program)

  • BPO libraries available in highsec for copying

  • A well-stocked market (which you are welcome to help stock) and citadel clone bays

  • A friendly, knowledgeable community via our Teamspeak and Slack

  • Access to good PVE opportunities in the local area, and training on how to live successfully in wormhole space.

What we’re looking for in recruits:

  • Either EU TZ or US TZ (our AUTZ is not highly populated sadly).

  • We recruit mains, not alts.

  • You can use T2 tanking modules, and have your scanning supports at 3 or higher.

  • Proactive attitude with a willingness to adapt to our lifestyle in a wormhole.

  • Willingness to fly our doctrines, fly all races of ships, and train “breadth first” to ensure easy adaptation to a shifting meta

  • Willingness to help scan our wormhole connections to look for content.

  • Patient individuals. Eve is a marathon, not a sprint - and there’s lots to do at every stage along the way.

  • You share our culture, detailed above, and in our white paper.

  • You are interested in PVP as your primary activity. Ideally, you have at least some PVP experience in the past (but if not, you would like to gain some with us).

  • Willing to partake in a trial membership and to share ESI info for your account(s) so we can spy on you. :lol:

  • Willing to move to where we live, and stay with us. This is currently in a C5 wormhole system named R3.

  • You are willing to install and sign up for our required third party services. This includes alliance forums, Slack, and our TS3 server.

  • Looking to become part of a friendly community and get to know us. The best ship is Friendship.

Did you know? It’s possible to rage-roll nullsec connections from a C5. Just not from a C5 with a citadel in it.

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Did you know? It’s possible to rebind your “dscan” hotkey. Some of my corp-mates have it bound to their scroll wheel! I left it on the default “v” because I find the default “b” hotkey for probe scanning to be conveniently close as a reminder to dscan while I probe-scan.

PS: We’re recruiting!

Looking to get the shakes back?

Some of the most intense EVE experiences out there don’t involve killmails. This Friday evening, we pulled an op which produced no killmails, but which involved sending multiple deep space transports through a hair-raising 7 jumps of nullsec, dodging a small gate camp on the way back. Op success. No casualties. But you best bet we were scrambling like mad at the time.

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Hi bud you interested in taking on a Noob? played the game under a previous char and I little on this one but had some time off for family stuff and so on. I have operated in WH space before and my go to in game is exploration and PvP and you seem to tick all those boxes. I am very much a team player so with skills I don’t mind fitting in any role to help the group, ie “bait”. I have no problem meeting your criteria shouldn’t take me long to get cloaking and relevant scanning skills up before I join. that of course if you don’t mind waiting and checking in every now and then? anyway hope I can be off service to you and look forward to speaking to you.

Hi there! We’re always interested in bringing in newbies. I was a newbie when I joined SOUND, as were many of our current experienced members. I’d recommend you put in an application right away. I or one of the other recruiters can chat with you and help you prioritize. We can sometimes squeak folks in while the “required” skills listed are still at the top of their skill queue. (If you hop into our public channel in-game, the application form is linked in the MOTD.)

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Did you know? If you’re camping a wormhole and the target you’re approaching cloaks, your ship will slow down and stop. If you hit the “+” button next to your capacitor, you will instead increase to full speed in the direction you’re facing. Better hope you got moving in the right direction first!

PS: We’re recruiting!

PM me, I am not recruiting you, but I want to include you in some comms that will get you seated well.

Be Alpha

What comms are these? I’m not convinced split comms is beneficial, but I’m open to hearing your arguments. Also, who are you really? Alistair Atreides appears to have last been active in game in 2008 (a long time to have avoided death even if you exclusively do PVE).

Did you know? It’s possible to determine roughly where a wormhole goes before jumping through it based on its visual characteristics. You can also determine whether a hole is End Of Life, or if it’s reduced or crit by mass.

PS: We’re recruiting!

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Did you know? The Arithmos Tyranos (drifter) takes about 10 seconds to lock you up. This means that battlecruisers and smaller can generally warp off without getting caught, provided that’s the first thing they do upon losing jump cloak. A DST can sneak by using either a max skill afterburner or the “cloak-mwd” trick.

PS: We’re recruiting!

Did you know? An Occator fit with a 400mm plate can fit into a C1 wormhole, but one fit with a larger plate will not.

We’re recruiting!

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I can’t think of a random fact to add right now, but I’m always happy to try to field questions about w-space (even if you aren’t looking to join).

PS: We’re recruiting!

Too little red on your killboard just means you aren’t taking enough risks.


This one’s useful in nullsec too. Did you know that if you initiate warp (even if you’re still aligning) before a bubble goes up at your off-grid destination, you’ll warp right through it? As long as you hit “warp” before it goes up, you’re fine.

PS: We’re recruiting!

So, a question about this. Does this mean that slurs are actually prohibited, or, as is more the rule in basically all gaming communities everywhere, are slurs (for example f*ggot or r*tard) okay if used as curse words, jokes, not against a specific individual or at least not a specific individual within the corp and so on? It is my experience when a corp (or guild or whatever) says they don’t tolerate racism or sexism for example, they do actually tolerate it. “Can’t you take a joke??”

Unfortunate timing. I just got back from being on vacation without internet, or I would have replied way sooner.

To answer your question: We actually mean it. If someone used a slur and followed it with “Can’t you take a joke??” on comms, they might get a single chance to shape up. Might. If they quickly made it clear to me that they understood where they went wrong and they weren’t going to be a headache for me or other directors again. There are plenty of corps out there for them. They don’t need to be in ours.

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When lacking numbers, get creative:{"A"%3A[]%2C"B"%3A["99003581"]}/

PS: We’re recruiting!

Did you know? If you’re too close to a wormhole, you can’t activate your smartbomb.

PS: We’re recruiting!

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Tired of people always cynoing in caps? You can’t cyno in wormhole space.

We’re recruiting!