SOUND is recruiting!

About us: Of Sound Mind is a PvP alliance fighting for the Minmatar Republic in faction warfare. Recruiting is open to new players, veterans, and all those between.

Daily life in SOUND: Our pilots have the most fun when we are fighting pretty much any other player or group, especially if we can do it together. We get a lot of small gang (1-5 ships) pvp in our home constellation of Jayai, as well as frequent larger skirmishes and objective fights against local pirates and our Amarrian foes.

Community: We are active on Slack and our forums, and love when our newbies ask questions! We enjoy helping each other learn more about the game. We also strive for all our fleets to have a place for characters of all SP levels, including those with lower SP and/or ISK. It is common to see a Tengu pilot fighting alongside a slasher, a Bhaalgorn by a Maller.

Good people: EVE is a game where players benefit from building positive relationships, and SOUND is a place for that. In SOUND we expect pilots to be outstandingly classy, and we focus on creating a friendly, inclusive community.

Really, no slurs: It is especially important to us that all players feel welcome. We keep our communication channels clear of language that is harmful to others. That being said, some of us do curse like sailors. Profanity is fine, slurs are not.

If you want more info about us, check out our white paper. If you’re interested in joining, hop onto the in-game channel “[Of Sound Mind]” (without the quotes) or sign up for our public slack, where you can ask questions and speak to a recruiter. Hope to see you in space!

Some more information about us: Our alliance, SOUND, currently lives together in Asghed, deep in the Amarrian side of the warzone. We’re driven by our strategic objectives more than looking for the flashiest kills or the richest loot, but we won’t turn down the kills or isk when we can get them. We are heavily USTZ, but have some players and coverage across other timezones. We are actively looking for great pilots to help build out our EUTZ timezone, so if you want to be a part of building that out, throw us an app!

As a member of SOUND, you’ll have access to:

  • Constant small gang and solo fights in the ‘plexes of our constellation
  • Organized/’’on the fly” fights, of varying size
  • Excellent ‘SRP’ (Ship reimbursement program)
  • A friendly, knowledgeable community via our Teamspeak and Slack
  • Training on a variety of topics, from how to fly competent tackle to how to run C5 anomalies for isk.
  • Opportunities to grow and practice your skills, including FCing fleets of your own.

What we’re looking for in recruits:

  • We recruit mains, not alts.
  • You share our culture, detailed above, and in our white paper.
  • Your main account must be Omega status.
  • You are willing to fly our doctrines, fly all races of ships, and train “breadth first” to ensure easy adaptation to a shifting meta
  • Patient individuals. Eve is a marathon, not a sprint - and there’s lots to do at every stage along the way.
  • You are interested in PVP as your primary activity. Ideally, you have at least some PVP experience in the past (but if not, you would like to gain some with us).
  • You are willing to partake in a trial membership and to share ESI info for your account(s) so we can spy on you.
  • You are willing to move to where we live, and stay with us. This is currently in the lowsec system of Asghed.
  • You are willing to follow our Faction Warfare rules of engagement. (Don’t hunt friendly militia members.)
  • You are willing to install and sign up for our required third party services. This includes alliance forums, Slack, and our TS3 server.
  • You are looking to become part of a friendly community and get to know us. The best ship is Friendship.

Did you know? Warping to someone in a gated complex (such as a Faction Warfare plex) causes you to warp to the acceleration gate of the complex instead. The only way to land somewhere other than on the gate is to warp to the gate itself at range.

PS: SOUND is recruiting!

For freedom!

PS: SOUND is recruiting!

Did you know? In order to activate a micro jump field generator, your safety must be set to RED. (I may have made this mistake and got my command destroyer killed at least once.)

PS: SOUND is recruiting!

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