SOUND is Recruiting! [C5 PvP WH Group]

About us: Of Sound Mind is a PvP alliance living in C5 wormhole space. Recruiting is open to new players, veterans, and all those between. [Note that we will ask you to train to fit a cloak and T2 tank modules onto your ship before you move in: we find this makes wormhole life much less frustrating for newer players.]

Daily life in SOUND: Our pilots have the most fun when we are fighting pretty much any other player or group, especially if we can do it together. We search for whatever content our wormholes connect to. That usually means small gang pvp, wormhole honor brawls, ganks, null roams, and hell occasionally we even pretend rats are other players and we shoot at them.

Community: We are active on Slack and our forums, and love when our newbies ask questions! We enjoy helping each other learn more about the game. We also strive for all our fleets to have a place for characters of all SP levels, including those with lower SP and/or ISK. It is common to see a Tengu pilot fighting alongside a slasher, a Bhaalgorn by a Maller.

Good people: good friendships: EVE is a game where players benefit from building positive relationships, and SOUND is a place for that. In SOUND we expect pilots to be outstandingly classy, and we focus on creating a friendly, inclusive community.

Really, no slurs: It is especially important to us that all players feel welcome. We keep our communication channels clear of language that is harmful to others. That being said, some of us do curse like sailors. Profanity is fine, slurs are not.

If you want more info about us, check out our white paper. If you’re interested in joining, hop onto the in-game channel “[SOUND]” (without the quotes) or sign up for our public slack, where you can ask questions and speak to a recruiter. Hope to see you in space!

Some more information about us: Our alliance, SOUND, currently lives together in R3, the historical name for our C5 home in wormhole space! Our C5 static provides rich opportunities for both PVP and PVE, and often leads to lower class chains for relic hunting and good kspace exits. Much of our fun comes from roaming our wormhole chain or nullsec to look for small gang fights or to dunk on nullbears. Whenever we roll into another decently-large wormhole group, we’ll try to form up and get nice brawl going. We also enjoy spooking around the chain to find people doing silly things that we can shoot at them for. We also have occasional PVE ops (site running, gas huffing, etc.) to help everyone fill up their coffers. We are heavily USTZ, but have some players and coverage across other timezones. We are actively looking for great pilots to help build out or EUTZ and AUTZ timezones, so if you are in those time zones an.

As a member of SOUND, you’ll have access to:

  • Small gang roams to kspace
  • Organized/’’on the fly” wormhole fights, of varying size
  • Excellent ‘SRP’ (Ship reimbursement program)
  • BPO libraries available in highsec for copying
  • A well-stocked market (which you are welcome to help stock) and citadel clone bays
  • A friendly, knowledgeable community via our Teamspeak and Slack
  • Access to good PVE opportunities in the local area, and training on how to live successfully in wormhole space.

What we’re looking for in recruits:

  • Either EU TZ or US TZ (our AUTZ is not highly populated sadly).
  • We recruit mains, not alts.
  • You can use T2 tanking modules, and have your scanning supports at 3 or higher.
  • Proactive attitude with a willingness to adapt to our lifestyle in a wormhole.
  • Willingness to fly our doctrines, fly all races of ships, and train “breadth first” to ensure easy adaptation to a shifting meta
  • Willingness to help scan our wormhole connections to look for content.
  • Patient individuals. Eve is a marathon, not a sprint - and there’s lots to do at every stage along the way.
  • You share our culture, detailed above, and in our white paper.
  • You are interested in PVP as your primary activity. Ideally, you have at least some PVP experience in the past (but if not, you would like to gain some with us).
  • Willing to partake in a trial membership and to share an API key for your account(s) so we can spy on you. :lol:
  • Willing to move to where we live, and stay with us. This is currently in a C5 wormhole system named R3.
  • You are willing to install and sign up for our required third party services. This includes alliance forums, Slack, and our TS3 server.
  • Looking to become part of a friendly community and get to know us. The best ship is Friendship.

Fun Fact of the Day:

Elephants are the only land mammals that cannot jump. Unlike all other mammals on earth, Elephants do not have kneecaps. Therefore, they are unable to bend their legs and acquire the needed propulsion to leave the ground.

You know what else can’t jump? Any ship that we’ve landed a scram on. Join us in SOUND and come have some fun with us while turning enemy ships into elephants!

Fun Fact of the Day:

We hear by the vibration of air molecules against our ears. Because there is no air in space, there is also no sound.

But there is SOUND in space, cloaked, and boating into scram range. Join us as we remind our fellow pilots that Nobody in Local doesn’t mean “alone”.

Fun Fact of the Day:

What I’m currently doing is called a “bump”. I’m only supposed to do it (at most) once per day.

In wormhole space, you can bump hostile ships to prevent them from approaching a wormhole and escaping. In SOUND, we bump hostile ships many times per day. Join us and be spooky!

Fun fact of the day:

U.S. nuclear-powered submarines can go faster than 25 knots (nautical miles per hour) underwater, which is approximately 29 miles per hour or 46 kilometers per hour.

It’s also approximately the speed of a rolling carrier being used to roll wormholes, which we do a lot of. Come join us in our C5 for a fun time rolling holes and shooting nerds!

Tired of nullsec citadel and sov mechanics? Come live in wormhole space! 48 hours to kill a citadel and no asset safety! Added bonus of no sov, no tidi (yet), and no local! And without supercap fleets and smaller subcap fleets, you can actually matter in fights. Finally, do more than just press F1!

Fun fact of the day:

Once a drifter starts shooting a target, it will never switch to shooting a smaller ship. So if a dread takes aggro, smaller support ships can help out without fear of being scrammed and destroyed by the drifter.

Here at SOUND, we shoot targets of all sizes, from lonely T1 scanning frigates to FAX-supported heavy armor fleets to Fortizars.

We even shoot asteroids now and then.

Join us!

Finding it hard to go back to a working Local channel, where everyone docks up the second you enter system, before you even load grid? Want to be spooky? Come join us in wormhole space, where there is always Nobody In Local.

We need your ESI instead of your API, but we’re still recruiting!

Scared of wormhole space? Face your fears with us.

Hi! Is there a skill point requirement or just to fly a t2 tank and cloak? Also, is there a training corp for getting ready for main corp/wormhole space? Can I phone app slack or just browser based? I’ve used TS, mumble, and discord but not slack.

Hi there! I really need to figure out how to get pings when there are replies here. To–very belatedly–answer your questions:

There is no formal skill point requirement. We strongly encourage the ability to fit t2 tank and a covops cloak, but we’ve stretched those requirements in the past when convinced that the pilot really did know what they were getting into and was going to be able to have fun in w-space. My sense is that 5m sp is about the lowest for a viable pvp main in w-space, but that’s not a requirement. It’s just the empirical data I have so far.

We don’t have a training corp, but if you want to chat with me in-game I can probably recommend a good corp for you to check out. I will say that we don’t require any wormhole experience, so it’s really just a matter of setting your skill queue up for a week or two. (And I can help you figure out a good skill plan.)

Slack works on a phone. I have it on my Android.

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Super high angle weapon phoenix spotted:

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SOUNDs like you should join up today!

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Had a close, fun brawl with NoVac last night:

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