SOUND is Recruiting! [C5 PvP WH Group]


(Suto) #21

Hi. I’m interested in joining and have applied. Be good to hear back o7

(Heidi Metesur) #22

There is a bit of a backlog in recruitment at the moment, we appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

(Heidi Metesur) #23

Got some good kills the last few days while rage rolling:

(Heidi Metesur) #24

We are still recruiting!

(Heidi Metesur) #25

We have had a few fun fights and killed a super without outside help ( since I’ve last posted. Hope everyone’s November is/was great!

(Heidi Metesur) #26

Hope everyone’s weekend is off to a good start!

(Zander Exvirus) #27

Still recruiting?

(Heidi Metesur) #28

Should be recruiting in a limited capacity at the very least. I’ve let recruiters know you asked.

(Zander Exvirus) #29


(Heidi Metesur) #30

Had a few interesting fights! Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start.

(Heidi Metesur) #31

Still recruiting

(Heidi Metesur) #32

still recruiting! (for some reason this won’t let me reply to the thread)

(Sade Saldana) #33

I was with you guys some years back (not this character) how active are you EUTZ these days, I know I left last time generally because there wasn’t much happening in that TZ (18:00 to 22:00 eve time)

(Heidi Metesur) #34

Mostly small gang stuff during the week and if content is found on weekends there’s potential for bigger fleets. EUTZ has been growing and we have a fairly active group going out and shooting stuff.

(Heidi Metesur) #35

We are still recruiting!

(Wild Dreams) #36

Hi there, I am currently at work so can’t join in game channel, but you guys sound fun and will join channel when home

Just a little about me. I’m eu based 31 years old but like most eve players I’m a big kid when it comes to blowing ■■■■ up.
I have Been back from a long break now for a few months.
I have around 70 mill sp. And before my break was a big pvper. Mostly gate camps and small fleet roams.
I’m looking for a Corp I can contribute to and most of all. Feel like a member not just another dot on the high ups screens to ignore.
I want a home I can grow alongside and make some epic memories with like I have in the past.

If you would like to know anything feel free to reply here or I shall speak to someone tonight in game.

Regards. Your, wild dreams :slight_smile:

(Cael Caderu) #37

Just spoke to you in game. I’m looking forward to reading your application!

(Heidi Metesur) #38

We are still recruiting!

(Heidi Metesur) #39

Still recruiting!

(Heidi Metesur) #40

Recruitment is still open!