The Omelet Bar

Have you ever noticed that a POD looks like an EGG? When it gets touched it cracks wide open, and do we ever like touching EGGs. We are based in Ichoriya where there is two (2) level 4 security agents for ISK making. Next door to Ichoriya is an entrance to FW Low Sec named Akidagi which is begging to be camped. Now please don’t think that Gate Camping is all we do, certainly not. Low Sec has many wonderful EGGs to touch. FW is just another way to grind ISK, and instead of mining barges these CARE-BEARS WITH TEETH fly mighty ships to be hunted down and peeled away from our precious EGGs.

We are new bro friendly
We love our elders
We are a no frills just chills corp

Bump - oops another on EGG dropped

Bump- Whisk briskly to fluff the EGGs

Bump- The Incredible Editable Egg

Bump - to make a souffle you must fold the whites in

Bump - A traditional Denver omelet does not come with cheese.


Bump - EGG shells make for good compost

Bump - You must crack an EGG to make an

Bump - Corona virus
did not come from the EGG

Bump - It takes 11 minutes anywhere in the world to hard boil an EGG

✪ LS Pew-Pew
✪ Looking to grow USTZ
✪ ISK making LVL 4 & 5
✪ No CTA’s RL 1st
✪ Roams, Camps, BLOPs
✪ Comms Interview
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Bump- pew pew

Bump - Butter vs grease

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