Strangely I have had to fly all the way to deltole to add the ''storyline" npc’s to my overview as they, for some reason; do not seem to appear in the selectable list of ‘entities’.

The overview isnt the easiest item to deal with at the best of times, i mean the list of entities is… on the wtf level; 178 in total and then for some reason there is also the ‘NPC’ tab… whats that about? Can we have some proper organisation here at all please?

Also, for those of you thinking i have derped i can assure you, i have not.

Also forum spell checker, what language is it in?

Doesn’t appear to be English.

color vs colour should give you a hint…

mate, according to their little spell checker

isn’t a word… like… i dont get it.

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shrugs… I can’t really say what the dictionary is for this site…

My guess is it’s “American English with limited vocabulary”. It’s certainly not UK English, nor Australian English… of course with so many different versions, it’s no wonder they couldn’t get it right :slight_smile:


It’s “American English (simplified)” for a good reason …


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Did you try Right click> Load default> All?

ew no, my overview has been developed over years; usually it’s a simple case of clicking the right bow in the settings but for some reason… there isnt one for these specific rats… or at least it would seem that way.

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