The Paragon SKIN market will fail (and how to fix it)

100% agree

Gone by Christmas.


I bet improved/tweaked before Xmas.

Which raises the question…how many potential designs are there. Will marketed designs have to be unique, or will it be possible for two people to sell exactly the same design they each made themselves…and how would anyone even know they were the same. If each specific design gets a licence, then clearly there’s only a finite number of potential licences available…even if that number is large.

I think it would be sufficient to have SKIN designs simply branded with the creator and the name of the SKIN line (e.g., “Exigent Stardust” by Hatch Nasty). There’s nothing to stop someone else from making a design identical to Exigent Stardust, they just couldn’t claim it was mine. People can always choose whether they want to buy the original “brand” or buy the knock off, the same way people choose to buy lookalike Louis Vuitton bags for $200.


So we are now about a week after the release. I created a simple Leshak skin, costing 110 plex to create. Putting it on the P-Hub and covering the 30% savage tax (we should take Paragon to court as they have a monopoly :wink: ) converting to ISK came to about some 765M, rounded up the number to 800M as I like round numbers, then CCP took right away a 5M to list the skin. Listed it for 3 month, and I think it will enver sell as the price is way too high. Well in any case will see.

How “independent” is CCP from Perl Abyss?


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The Paragon skin market will fail for the same reason everything CCP makes fails.

They’ll move on to “the next big thing” and forget they ever had the skin thing. New events will bug out the skin maker and no updates to keep it working will be implemented.

As with every new thing they introduce into the game, it’s just another fart in the wind.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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After making a bunch of skins, and collecting almost all the unlimited colors, here are my gripes:

I cannot delete a skin once I sequence it. (made a duplicate due to not paying attention)
I cannot rename a skin once I sequence it.
I cannot interrupt a sequence job to cancel it once started.
I cannot delete limited paint colors if they are not needed after they are activated.
I cannot extract activated paint colors if I no longer need them and want to sell them.
Changing hulls while using a pattern scrambles the patterns position settings.
DEEP VOID GLOSS - UNLIMITED is completely missing? Jita shows none sold, how is this paint obtained?

PLEX cost for sequencing is TOO HIGH.

I’m sure I’ll think of more later… lol

I want to keep this thread open.

Has CCP even acknowledged the issues with the pricing, or has it just been completely ignored? If they’ve talked about it, can someone link it for me?

I don’t mind that the initial costs for setup are pricey, it’s the fact that you can’t make any money at all. Not even enough to simply pay back the start up costs.

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