The range of market buy order puzzles me

During the Blood Stained Stars, Epic Arc missions, I’ve picked up some Metal Scraps from the wreckages after a certain combat mission. Relatively far away from home station, I’d like to sell the Metal Scraps right away. I right clicked the Metal Scraps in ship inventory and clicked “show market details”…

… I am now located in the system “Tar 0.8”. There is a buy order for Metal Scraps right in the next system, placed at the station “Pakhshi IX - Moon 20 - CONCORD Bureau” and it has a specified range of “2 Jumps”.

There are three stations in “Tar 0.8”, two player owned structures and one NPC station.

I docked at one of the P.O.S., an Engeering Complex. There I could not “immediate sell” the Metal Scraps! The “Sell this item” context menu shows no one is buying this item.

I went to the the very station where the buy order is placed and there I can sell the Metal Scraps without issue. But I want to find out what is happening. So I did not sell the Metal Scraps. I went back to “Tar 0.8” (which is 1 jump away) and docked back at the Player Owned Strcture (the Engineering Complex) for double checking. The problem is confirmed: “immediate sell” fails!

I undocked, and then docked at the NPC station in “Tar 0.8”. There I sold the Metal Scraps without issue; I sold them to the above-said buy order, which was placed in the neighboring system “Pakhshi”, which was the highest priced buy order in the region at the time.

Question: Does the specified range of a buy order in the regional market only recognize NPC stations? Player Owned Structures are not recognized?

I couldn’t get any answer from ingame help channels, therefore this forum post. Actually I was already on my way to subsequent Epic Missions locations and I already jumped several systems. But this puzzle is bugging me and therefore I made several jumps back, to “Tar 0.8” just in order to provide a detailed description of this issue as above… which perhaps is not necessary, as the question should be applicable to any item, wanted by a remote buy order with a specified range, when you want to sell the item in a system within that buy order range, when the system you are located right now has both player owned structures and NPC stations. When these conditions are met, can you only sell them in the NPC stations and not player’s structures?

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Isn’t it a protective measure to ensure that buy orders don’t buy from stations that the order owners could have difficulty accessing? Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


Is it possible that the engineering structure didn’t have a market module installed so there was no market option at all there?

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The POS needs a market hub. Which can only be fitted on Large Structures. So Azbel, Fortizars and so on.

Can only try not to clench my butthole while thinking about just how high Titanium price will rise.

Many will start to feel that deep core weakness soon enough.

You can’t sell to remote buy orders from structures, on principle. This has nothing to do with whether a market module is running or not. Otherwise players would scam you by selling you stuff you can’t access.

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… what?

Do you really think the price of Tritanium is linked to recycled Metal Scraps??

Well it is totally possible. I remotely bought goods from privately owned Perimeter - Tranquility Trading Tower in Forge. The warning popped-up at me with some discouraging mumbo-jumbo-legalese (ok, it just said the goods are in private station I could probably not access and recover my trinkets). And I just blissfully ignored the warning and bought it anyway. Then moved stuff to assets safety.
Don’t wait. Do it immediately from Personal assets browser (Alt-T), then RMB on private station name and choose Move all items to assets safety at the botom of pop-up menu.

The inconvenience is I have to wait 5 days before I can manually order my goods being transferred to public station. Nicely and safely wrapped into magic container of 1m3 volume containing items of total volume of +100m3. I can’t remotely sell it because it is in container and I have to fly to that public station to open it or put in my ship cargohold.

The safety container is immediately delivered to the nearest public station when station is destroyed. Under condition the assets where moved to safety before station HP dropped to 0.

EDIT: Pro(?) Tip (I reserve the right of 1% of your potential income from this :stuck_out_tongue: )
This magic compression to the volume of 1m3 could be theoretically used to move infinite volume and value of stuff in some tiny scrappy non-eye catching ship :sunglasses:

…unless the container decompresses upon touching it :rofl: have not tried it yet.

Please read what is written. Nobody stops you from buying remotely from any sell order. The topic’s question was about selling to range buy orders.

BTW, if you get scammed hard, you won’t have time to asset safety anything, because the owner will destroy the citadel the moment you accept the offer, and loot your stuff, because the scam structure was unfueled.

BTW2, asset safety wraps don’t exist as physical items.

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Unfortunately you are right :confused: I have just checked it… It is just temporary “sub-compartment” in item hangar under assets delivery. :sob: :sob: :sob:

The real TTT is public. You can dock there.

It absolutely is. DId you notice Jitas entire inventory of scraps was wiped out a few days ago? Look at the volume of a scrap, and what it reprocesses into…and you will understand.

Well, while I flew through Perimeter I saw LOT of your properties showing as not scraps :sunglasses:

Well, not anymore…

Nothing to worry about=)

The CIT you are at had no market hub so it cannot do this type of transaction. its that simple. CCP/PH/TTT has had almost an entire monopoly on market hubs for all space for a very long time.

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