The reason I've chosen to embrace the carebear lifestyle

That’s fair.

I wasn’t talking specifically about you, but the whole crowd of people who use “play-style” as a defense have no ground to speak on. You’re right in the sense that you can approach and do different activities differently.

That’s correct!

What’s wrong, though, and what the carebear crowd continuously try to push into the brains of people, is the idea that “playing afk” and “playing as if there was no danger around” was some sort of valid “play style” that needs to be respected, because of “individuality”. They claim that others should not have a right to shoot them down, which is wrong. They claim they need protection, while refusing to do anything to protect themselves. That’s equally wrong, and much worse too.

Batshit stupid, yet people argue endlessly with these crazy ideologists.


Nice write-up.

I spent about 7 years playing EVE carebear style, running missions and mining, because I value a lot my time and I want to log off feeling like I’ve accomplished something. Even if it’s being 20 million iSK closer to buying my next ship to try out the same old missiosn in a new way.

The thing is, this is a sandbox. You set your goals and rewards, and then do what you enjoy doing as you get there. And once you run out of goals… you win EVE.

I am positive that my time in EVE was irrelevant to everyone but me. But it was MY time, paid with MY money, to play MY way. I will never play another game like EVE. But that’s fine, it’s a unique game.

Of course i wish CCPlease had done things differently so I could still be playing the game, but CCP is a business and they decided they didn’t need my money. Facts are provign them wrong, but that doesn’t make me right necessarily.

So, play the game the way you enjoy it. On a tight schedule, every little step towards that ship/skill/weapon/mission is the most important thing to the only person who matters about your playtime: you. It’s your “me time”, not somebody else’s.

So go and make EVE your b¡tch and enjoy her while she lasts you.

(Final word of advice: never, ever, ask “CCPLease”. Take EVE as is and pray so CCP won’t ■■■■ you too much)


Yeah, man- I agree. Like I say, while I don’t go looking for PVP, I totally expect that it’s out there and don’t begrudge anybody who comes after me while I’m in space. It’s part of the game and it’s all good.

Maybe “care bear” is not the right word for how I play the game… “PVE-focused” might be better, I guess.


We love our PvE bros. Like Jonah, who doesn’t do any fights for whatever reason, but enjoys evading death. That’s alright in pretty much everyone’s book. You’re definitely not a carebear when you’re capable of acting self-responsibly and don’t expect others to protect you from your own mistakes.

These guys are a cancer.


As a new player of under a year this has been my finding too. Hours of roaming to find PvP with at least an existent chance of winning. I can only play a few hours a night and not every night either. Even in lowsec good luck trying to find better odds than 3v1. The only thing Ive been able to do is try and take in larger ships like battle cruisers that might have a chance vs a few frigs but normally its just a matter of time until backup comes. Everyone in and out of game tells me small gang and especially solo pvp is dead and Im really starting to believe its true.

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Sadly, it’s been true for me.

Can still cloakie hunt in wormholes and
Low, but it’s clubbing seals and dodging bears.

Not the fair scuffles of the old days.

Tell CCP you want
It back.

Give it another try. It’s just a game, you can be an asshole from time to time.

You can’t get content if you are not yourself content.
Run those sites in an astero with a mobile depot installed, dual scram in inventory, and do the sites when there is noone ; if there is someone, hunt him !

Otherwise, find people and make roams in low/null. Join bomber bar, or specter fleet. This is a social game, people who wait afk cloaked in a site usually have other alt doing something or friends to chat with.

About the vnis : you can refit for a ship specific to the region you are in. suitonia made this interesting video

May I suggest you another approach ?
take a scanning cruiser in a pvp fit with normal probes in HS
find ded3/ded4 and enter it when there is someone on dscan.
Then steal their loot to become yellow. Wait a bit … profit ! eg in guristas space they are tanked vs kinetic so you need to tank vs kinetic and deal EM damage to wreck them. either they agress you and profit, or they don’t and you still get the loot. You may even get both :slight_smile:
Be ready to receive lots of insults though :stuck_out_tongue: and scram+mwd+web are the way to go.

Silly anon OP.
You have to realize, long ago, some players made a franchise on “tears” and getting the goat of other players, and they would ridicule them in public on their own websites and blogs. Forever (per internet memory anyway which, to people on the internet, seems like forever) shaming them, making fun of them.

The end result is MINIMAL interaction with other players. Sure sure “Whyyyyyyyy little old me? I’d never hurt a flai!”

But before you came others who would do everything in their power to rile someone up just to make them chimp out, torture them, ridicule them, get them banned even, then write some blog post or web page about it and bandy it about as a trophy.

The ultimate achievement by this crowd was known as the “Bonus Room”. Look it up.

So the only way to be safe is to avoid all other players that you have now known for a very long time.

Well, at least back when there were other players - more often anyway.

Were I in charge of CCP back in the day, I would have dropped a hammer on all those “LOL we ganked this guy after letting him join corps and steeling all hiz stuff. LOL OMG HEADSHOT!! LEET!” websites. I would have used copyright laws and UELA to do it too.

They didn’t do that when it mattered.
the damage has been done. Eve became known as “that game”.

Enjoy your space.

I don’t see what relevance this has to the OP’s quest to find balance small gang PvP.

I apologize if I missed something, reread several posts.

I don’t personally have an issue with CCP banning the cruelest of its players, but I do take issue with the elimination of low scale balanced small gang PvP… which is what noobs are looking for… and what I’m looking for in the game.

Eve was the best mechanics for limited engagements in T1 ships, and highsec can-flipping / micro tram wardecs was the best way to get those fights.

Literally, the gaming industry has no replacement for the PvP interaction Eve nerfed into obsolesence.

I miss it. The op wants it. The pve crowd needs a few lurking predators back to spice up their bland and grindy game.

My opinion… cruelty or no.

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