The Reaver’s Cult is now opening recruitment for those of you who wish to have access to the riches of nullsec and kill to your hearts content!!

What we offer:
[★] - Access to NPC nullsec - Pure Blind Region
[★] - Ultra Limited blues
[★] - No mandatory fleets
[★] - No mandatory participation
[★] - Access to crazy yet lazy nerds with knowledge and blood lust
[★] - Access to solo and fleet pvp
[★] - No structure, no timers, no alarm clocks

People might think this is crazy, mainly because they haven’t played like this, but we live in NPC space which affords us the luxury of not getting evicted from nullsec. Not being apart of a “blue donut” affords us the luxury of doing this at our own pace. Giving us plenty more people to shoot.

Yes, life is tougher, yes, isk is harder to farm. But where is the fun in having things easy? Where is the risk versus reward feeling of the game?

[★] - SSO Tokens
[★] - Discord
[★] - Teamspeak
[★] - Willingness to PVP
[★] - Ability to learn fast
[★] - Ability to work on your own when content is low
[★] - Ability to be self-sufficient

If your sick of nullsec politics, having too many blues and not enough local pvp, if your sick of having to race home to log in for fleets, then you need a change of pace.

We will accept you!

**Remember: Independence is a Luxury!**

Sounds a good corp, been looking high and end for a good corp.

Is your name warhammer related, specifically Druchii? hehe

possibly :wink:

Recruitment open :wink:

still looking to grow some more

How to apply?, here or evemail? as I am interested

Join our ingame channel The Reaver’s Cult and read the info, then apply to join corp.

Willco, thanks for reply, will do when next on.

Tried to join the channel but apparently it does not exist lol

Just use the channel DTAS HR for now. Sadly I am unable to assist on processing any application for now due to RL (and even barely able to log in), but I will process them when my schedule is cleared up. Meanwhile Laithikir will take care of your application. Send Laithikir an eve-mail and you can instruct your next steps. Sorry for the late replies!
Most things should get started by January as we are pulling things out of mothball from the old MOA infrastructures for a new chapter for the alliance.

Cheers matey, I will sort that out soon.

The Reaver’s Cult channel is ready to go.

up up up


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