The Red Tips (EU/US/AU TZ) (High/Low/Null) (PVP + Other Stuff!)

The Red Tips (EU/US/AU TZ) (High/Low/Null) (PVP + other ■■■■!) Come join The Red Tips! Veterans & Newbros

The Red Tips is a PVP corporation with an industry backbone, we are based in highsec and have access to low-sec & null-sec. The Red Tips are proud members of The Lost Fleet of EVE Alliance, in the Rekking Crew coalition. The leadership team in our corporation operate across all timezones.

We are a new player friendly corporation and have veteran EVE players in our corporation ready to help out newbros. The Red Tips is the perfect corp to join if you want to enjoy EVE, have access to a wide variety of what the game has to offer, and to socialise with other players. Our corporation & alliance is full of people who work, and have real life commitments; real life comes first.

Before you can join:

We would love to have a chat to you before you join us, so we can ensure a great match both ways. We will also an ESI check to protect the security of our corp, alliance and coalition.

What we offer?
TS3 comms
Based in Low, High and Nullsec
Small-Medium-Large fleet PVP (Lowsec, Nullsec, WH & Pochven)
Black Ops Fleets
Moon Mining Ops (R4s > R64s)
Ore Buy Back Programme
Experienced FCs
New Player Friendly
Coalition & Alliance Ship Replacement Programme
Nearby Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Missions
5% Tax
Based in UK, US & AU TZs
No mandatory operations or events, RL comes first.

We are looking for pilots who:
Engage in corp chat
Are friendly and sociable
Ready to learn, and teach others
Happy to join in on comms

To get in touch with us:

Mail Master Nina (AUTZ), techwood (EUTZ) & WHAreTheBestHoles (USTZ) in-game

Our in-game channel is ‘The Red Tips Pub’

Recruitment still open

Come on in guys vets and new players welcome

Looking for more new members come talk to us

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