Come Join The Red Tips!

Hello Pilots! The Red Tips is a newly formed corporation seeking PVPers, Miners, Manufacturers & Haulers.

What we offer?

  • Based in Low & High sec,
  • Small-Medium fleet PVP (Lowsec, Nullsec, WH & Pochven)
  • Moon Mining Ops
  • Ore Buy Back Programme
  • Experienced FCs
  • New Player Friendly.
  • Ship Replacement Programme
  • Nearby Level 4 Missions
  • 0% Tax
  • Based in UK, US & AU TZs
  • No mandatory operations or events, RL comes first.

We are looking for pilots who:

  • Engage in corp chat
  • Are friendly and sociable
  • Ready to learn, and teach others
  • Happy to join in on comms

To get in touch with us:

  • Join our discord The Red Tips
  • Mail Master Nina (AUTZ), techwood (EUTZ) & WHAreTheBestHoles (USTZ) in-game
  • Our in-game channel is ‘The Red Tips Pub’

The Red Tips is still hiring!

We are still looking for new members, contact us today!

Looking for a new corp to join? Come join the red tips

Com on in great corp good ppl all TZ

We are still looking for more peeps, come join the red tips.

Still recruiting

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