The Round Table

Those who accomplished the impossible never questioned its possibility…

In it’s simplest form, I have a corp and am interested in creating a sort of round table alliance between a small set number of corporations and/or individuals willing to join my corp… A “Black Budget” of PLEX will be invested into all entities as well as a heafty subsidy to 1 of the 6 sectors each month.

These corporations/divisions would be sector/career focused and operate in balance and harmony with each other. They would be as follows:

  1. Manufacturing, Research & Development Ops
  • My Corp
  • I have multiple structures that would be made available along with Moon Mining farms.
  1. Mining Ops
  • Open to applications
  1. Wormhole Life Ops
  • Open to applications
  1. Security, Infrastructure & Tranportaion Logistics
  • Open to applications
  1. Private Military - PvP/PvE, Incursions, Bounty Hunting…
  • Open to applications

6 Investment and Banking Group


  1. Sector X - This sector would not officially exist…

Sub Divisions within the alliance:
NewBro Academy - Training for newbies to help them decide which path to take. Also provide activities for solo players or introverts.

Public Relations
A division dedicated to generating positive relationships between Corporations and Individuals both internal and external. Will also be responsible for recruiting.

Remove the words try and cant from your vocabulary and watch thinz start to change. Text/Message in game for further details.

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