The Sea of tears

There is a story that my mother told me when I was little. I still remember it to this day, and I tell it to my children when I can. But I figured with things being said to what they are. Perhaps someone can pass it on to their loved ones, then she will live on.

There are some stories that are passed down from generation to generation, this just happens to be one of those tales. Of how an area in our desert got the name Sea of Tears and the unknown Matron’s statue that stands there crying over seeing it. You see as the legend goes in a time not so sure of starts something like this …

Here is a young Matron called Davina Khammael before, we were set to the stars. She had an older mate and the village was strong with good warriors and the clan was flourishing in the desert climate. The children ran around playing their games that only children played. Festival marking the Autumn festival was coming up around the corner. This raven hair, skin as smooth as silk, her markings of her deeds all over her body, for she is not only Matron but a fierce warrior.

Davina turned to her mate Kael “Husband, the children are by the water, and Vulkor tells me a storm is coming please pull them in.” Kael nodded her her gathering the teenagers to help him herd the children in. Just then the wind picked up and started to howl around them as the dark clouds started to circle. Davina got village to batten down for the storm and make sure everyone was safe. Kael got most of the children with the teenagers back to the village when a mother called out “Vrynn? Vrynn? where are you?” Kael looked at the woman and nodded running back out calling for this child. This young girl maybe 4 years old had hidden behind of of the great trees, only a few on the desert but right near the water.

Kael scoped up the child in his arms as the rain crashed down with the lightening and thunder. The wind higher then they had ever seen it before. Kael scurried back to the village down the road as they reached the girl’s hut a piece of wood went right through his heart. Davina cried out for him as she ran to catch him and bring him in their hut. She laid his head on her lap as the storm raged all night, knowing in her heart come the storm break she knows what Vulkor demands. They whispered their love for each other, that the clan hadn’t know a pair so made for each other like these two. Soul mates, complete with each other but less then one half when one is gone .

Davina fell asleep stroking Kael’s hair as she woke up to calm skies, and looked down at the love of her life laying still and not moving, her heart started to shatter as she shakes him vigorously “NOOOOOOOO KAEL NOOOOOOO.” He was unfortunately already gone, passed away while they slept. She lifted him up in her strong arms and carried him to a area of the desert filled with white sand. She grabbed any sort of material around her as tears flowed form her eyes as she built a pyre singing the the death prayer over and over because he could not take his own final walk into the desert.

*Davina’s heart breaks as she sings the hymns for her now dead mate, tears flowing down from her face touching the sand. She lights the pyre setting him free as she drops to her knees, burying her face into her hands. Her tears crystallizing on the sand, as she watched the Pyre burn. She found a place to stand watching it as her tears fall, each one taking shape in the sand.

It is said she didn’t move from that spot and they are not sure how long she lived after Kael died, but her statue they say still stands there now. Its a sad love story of two soul mates torn apart in a untimely accident but it gives birth to the sea of tears and as the legend is passed down with these crystallized tears. It is said if you look through them at a prospective mate and if you can see them, they are the one if it clouds they aren’t.

Before anyone asks, I will not reveal the location of the sea of tears, but it is said that the tears have magic powers to them.


This makes me think of my parents.

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