The Septic Company is looking for chilled pilots in Sov Null (No CTA's)

Hello and welcome to this blatant push for members.

Small corp in a small alliance is looking for laid back fun people to come and join us in our 6 systems of Null Sec sovereignty. We’re looking for PVE pilots, miners, exploration types and basically anyone with a heartbeat that wishes to escape the constant call for CTA’s and strat ops usually associated with Null alliances.

We have very few blues so PVP content is regularly available nearby and sometimes in our systems.

Real life comes first, this really is a corp with very few commitments. As we are small, the standard “Don’t be a dick” rules do apply, we don’t want to go upsetting any of the bigger groups that could come on down and pee all over the bonfire.

Perhaps you’re in High Sec and looking to make more isk, perhaps you’re just tired of someone barking orders at you or complaining if you put a red mark on the killboard or just looking to relocate as you’re not enjoying the game. Then we hope we have the ideal spot for you.

Wormhole chains are often discovered for transportation and the alliance (Arkhos Core) has a jump freighter service that can be provided at a small cost,

Contact “Azzer Shrednaws” in game or join the chat channel “Septic Public” for more details and a friendly chat.

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Still recruiting lovely people

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