The small things thread for CCP Karkur <3

I would like to suggest that the fitting screen gets the “pin window” option. That would make me very happy.

May I also suggest to the mulitfit feature that you can fit your ships even if one module or drones is missing? That would be awesome.

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Oh I was looking for this

Level II agent for SOE in Simela IV - Moon 7. Here’s the problem - all other agents in the game open out their mission “cards” completely when clicked. This agent - Kappas Runjalen - will open up your mission when accessed, but then immediately close it to display only the initial mission dialogue. A further keystroke is then necessary every time (the View Mission button) to open this agent’s mission card completely.

All other agents in the game operate on a more efficient protocol - they will open their mission cards fully every time by default.

That is because it’s a locator agent as well. All locator agents default back to the initial screen so that you don’t get a mission offered every time you want to locate a character.


That is indeed the case - this is a locator agent. Ok. Salut o7.

I would like to be able to fit a ship without actually being in it. Right click on assembled ship in hangar, and select “fit ship” to open the fitting window for that ship.

Fitting simulation to see the fitting and right click on a fitting in the Fitting Manager already gives you the option to fit any ship in your hangar without sitting in it.

Also, this is no the thread CCP karkur is watching, just saying.

I was actually trying to remove a single module from a ship without having to strip everything, or switch ships which as far as I know there is no way to do that currently.

Option for client to automatically close inventory window upon looting a wreck or container.

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