***The Solitude Confederation***


The Solitude Confederation, [SOCO-] is recruiting English speaking PvPers (US/EU). We are a close knit group based in Low Sec Solitude. SOCO- operates in Solitude, Placid, Syndicate, Aridia, Genesis and J-Space. We understand that real-life comes first and EvE is just an internet spaceship game.

What we offer?

  • Content - We have fleets/Roams 3-4 times a week. We often drop on a moment’s notice.
  • Sexy Fleet Comp
  • Targets
  • Ships - Fleet Ships are Free!
  • Capital Hull SRP
  • R64 Moon Mining - Want extra isk? Say no more
  • BPO Library
  • Military Friendly!


What we require?

  • At least 10 million skillpoints
  • Working Mic Teamspeak 3
  • Complete Background check - Alts included
  • Competence - Don’t be the guy or girl to feed ships to the enemy, don’t screw your allies


“Meeko Gloom” Ingame
Meeko Gloom#7910 on discord
“SOCO- Public” Ingame Channel
or reply here with your contact info.

Meekos good people. Always willing to help out with fits and mods, even tho we’re not directly in his corp/alliance. Very knowledgeable and great to be around!

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Still recruiting!

Come fly with us!

Lets kill supers together!

We had a giant fight last night defending the homeland against BL attackers! The great thing about Solitude is fights remain on the lower end, We never have TiDi.

Join SOCO! https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98542898/

When in doubt, whip it out!! https://zkillboard.com/kill/75555770/ Kill of the day.

Come join SOCO-. Solitude is pretty awesome

“SOCO- PUBLIC” Channel

Come join fleet!

We had a great fleet today! Come join the action

Bump! Still looking for members! Come check out our sexy new fleet doctrine :smiley:

V.e.G.A won’t fight back without 3:1 odds :frowning:

Come join SOCO-

Come join the primer alliance in Solitude! https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99008722/

Who can resist the call of the Void?

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My name is Rognin, and I approve this post

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Bonus is you get to fly with Reikoku again. Watch me out dps entire fleets with a Kiki. Try and remember what war I I’m telling stories about. Cause I get them mixed up after 16 years!

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Hell yea! Fly with RKK haha. EvE history!

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It is like flying with a Smithsonian exhibit!

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Come whaling with us!! DUNKED

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