The Starship Enterprise - Recruiting All Pilots [B0LD]

(Capn'JT Kirk) #1

Join now to help keep Faction Warfare and Low sec PvP active.

Mainly Low Sec PvP and Faction Warfare but open for those who like -> Exploration, Alliance Warfare, Bounty Hunting, Industry, Piracy, Mining, Ganking, Espionage, PvP, Low Sec, Hi Sec, Null, Trading, WH, Research, Faction Warfare, Mercs, Shenanigans and Reverse Shenanigans! - 0 Tax - New Pilot Friendly!

(Capn'JT Kirk) #2

Bump… looking for Spock, Bones, and everyone else!

(Capn'JT Kirk) #3

Still recruiting. o7

(Capn'JT Kirk) #4

Growing… more are welcome.

Come join the shenanigans!

(Capn'JT Kirk) #5

Come on down and join the pandemonium :slight_smile:

(Capn'JT Kirk) #6

Help us find Spock and Khan!

Still recruiting o7

(Capn'JT Kirk) #7

Still recruiting…

(Capn'JT Kirk) #8

Come and join us for all the fun

(Capn'JT Kirk) #9

Rock n Roll!!

(Qia Kare) #10

Let me help you out a bit, Jim.

(Capn'JT Kirk) #11

Come get some pew :slight_smile:

(Capn'JT Kirk) #12

Heating up in Low Sec Faction Warfare - Mystery NPC blockades on both sides and Dirt n Glitter move caps into Huola.

Come on down!

(Capn'JT Kirk) #13

Still open, come on down.

(Capn'JT Kirk) #14

Need more.

(Capn'JT Kirk) #15

Committed to breath new life into Faction Warfare and Low sec PvP. Come and join us :slight_smile:

(Capn'JT Kirk) #16

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

(Capn'JT Kirk) #17

Minmatar faction warfare, Low sec pvp :slight_smile:

(Capn'JT Kirk) #18

Seeking active players :slight_smile:

(Capn'JT Kirk) #19

Great 27 man fleet this a.m - took down I hub in bash - was tons of Pvp and some very dank kills - Come on down folks, join our ever growing corp and get in on the action!! ( I started the fleet at about 7 a.m)

Todays I Hub Bash PvP Extravaganza.

(I focused on dps and organization so no kiils for Kirk)

Just getting warmed up!! Need more people to join :slight_smile:

(Capn'JT Kirk) #20

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