The Starship Enterprise - Recruiting All Pilots [B0LD]

Join now to help keep Faction Warfare and Low sec PvP active.

Mainly Low Sec PvP and Faction Warfare but open for those who like -> Exploration, Alliance Warfare, Bounty Hunting, Industry, Piracy, Mining, Ganking, Espionage, PvP, Low Sec, Hi Sec, Null, Trading, WH, Research, Faction Warfare, Mercs, Shenanigans and Reverse Shenanigans! - 0 Tax - New Pilot Friendly!

Bump… looking for Spock, Bones, and everyone else!

Still recruiting. o7

Growing… more are welcome.

Come join the shenanigans!

Come on down and join the pandemonium :slight_smile:

Help us find Spock and Khan!

Still recruiting o7

Still recruiting…

Come and join us for all the fun

Rock n Roll!!

Let me help you out a bit, Jim.

Come get some pew :slight_smile:

Heating up in Low Sec Faction Warfare - Mystery NPC blockades on both sides and Dirt n Glitter move caps into Huola.

Come on down!

Still open, come on down.

Need more.

Committed to breath new life into Faction Warfare and Low sec PvP. Come and join us :slight_smile:

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Minmatar faction warfare, Low sec pvp :slight_smile:

Seeking active players :slight_smile:

Great 27 man fleet this a.m - took down I hub in bash - was tons of Pvp and some very dank kills - Come on down folks, join our ever growing corp and get in on the action!! ( I started the fleet at about 7 a.m)

Todays I Hub Bash PvP Extravaganza.

(I focused on dps and organization so no kiils for Kirk)

Just getting warmed up!! Need more people to join :slight_smile:

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