The steady decline in Event quality: How to communicate with Event designers?

TL;DR What’s the closest we can come to having a 2-way conversation with the Event designers and devs to understand their goals for Events, and what’s the most constructive format to share my detailed thoughts (good and bad) over the continued evolution of Event design, to ensure they get seen by the right folks?

Hi CSM!!! This is kind of a meta-question.

I have been thinking for a long time, and compiling observations, about Events over the last year+. (The good, the bad, and the ugly.)

Part of the challenge for me is that it is very difficult (for perfectly legitimate reasons) to have a 2-way real time conversation with the Event devs and designers. I want to be able to see things from their perspective. Their goals for Events, and specifically, things they’re NOT trying to accomplish. I want to understand their challenges, the resources available to them, and then tailor my advice and thoughts.

For example, I could make suggestion X. X could be very helpful, it could be irrelevant, or it could be harmful, depending on specifically what an intended goal is of the designer / dev in how they view Events.

I figure you all are the perfect group of folks to offer advice on this. I would guess that you will probably say, “Write up your stuff here and it’ll get passed along.” Which is fine, except I’m going to probably spout a bunch of stuff that may be inconsistent with the designers’ intentions.

Before I start making longggg posts here, is there any better approach you all would suggest based on experience? Random thought - if I started my own Eve blog on a dedicated domain / site, does that necessarily separate me from the noise / crowd? Or is posting here about the best option?

Thanks for the work you folks do. Any and all suggestions are most welcome.

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You also might want to communicate your ideas (bullet form is nice) to a CSM rep who has a sympathetic ear.


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Send an abbreviated form to Brisc; he’s been tilting at CCP windmills for a year.
Be warned, there seems to be a LOT of feedback lately, yours might be drowned out no matter what you do.


He does what? The last time I read his posts, he just kept suggesting things that are detrimental to EVE’s overall gameplay. All he does is talk CCP talkpoints without objection.

@The_Larold Event Feedback - Guardian's Gala 2019

Go away, events have their real, unspoken, agenda, and you just disturbing CCPs plans :rofl:

I would be happy to highlight any specific trends you want to note, and we’ve already talked to the live evens folks and they have seen the negative feedback on the forums and reddit. I think they understand they need to,do better at QA of these events and also not go too far outside of the box with some of their new designs. I think the boxes this time was a bust, and I think the mining components isn’t being very well received.

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Thank you for the opportunity. I’m working to frame my thoughts succinctly so that I don’t come across as just another whiner, nor someone who needs 20 paragraphs to ramble / get their point across.

Hopefully you’re hear from me soon.

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