The Storm Falcon Crusaders need you!

The Storm Eagle Crusaders, a newly formed gang. We are mostly engaged in frigate PVP and faction warfare.

if you are a new player who is interested in PVP and FW, or an old player who want to rejoin EVE from the basics(actually we don’t really have specific requirements, ANY players are welcome and valued alike), feel free to contact the gang’s leader Random Rick or Hewi Weng. We will tell you more about us. you don’t need to be super active to join, all willing players are welcome.

now we are looking for 2-3 amarr pilots and 4-5 caldari pilots. however, gallente and minmatar people are also welcome. we need people as brawlers and kiters, and a few logistic pilots. After you join we will assign you with specific roles and jobs.

currently we only have 3 members, so we desperately need you! free ships and modules will be given as a gift.

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