The Success of the Federal Grand Prix

Heh. Well, yes, but I wanted to make the clear analogy since people seem to think driving through someone’s star system is somehow fundamentally different than putting your foot on someone’s land.

It’s a fair analogy and ironic in this case too, given the relevance of Federal restrictions on land based colonies.

Really all I was trying to say, though, is that it was a diplomatic opportunity missed.

Well, one of the great ironies of any representational democracy where representation is demarcated by physical location is that for all their deeply-held and loudly-proclaimed love of liberty, they need to control where people can settle, because anyplace new means new members of the power-wielding class. If nothing else, that’s one reason many of us prefer the Tribal model, with the power held by representatives of the Tribes—people, not places.

The Syndicate isn’t exactly actively threatened by the Federation. I do not see ‘security concerns’ raised by the Syndicate on grounds of increased traffic, whom were more than likely informed prior that there would be higher than usual volumes well ahead of time, same as the Empire and every other nation-state that had the route pass through their territory, as valid. Of course, lesser justifications have been given for the wholesale destruction of ships, but it’s not one that will convince me.

For all we know, the Empire and Syndicate did give their consent for the routes to utilise their space. Which leads me to pour scorn on the notion of ‘unprepared, overwhelmed gate operators’ requesting the aid of Syndicate Empyreans to interdict and destroy the racers. Stargate Traffic Controllers are some of the most highly-trained and capable individuals in this cluster and if they cannot handle brief periods of increased use then they need to find a new profession, frankly.

Well, it’s been a significantly long time since there has been someone to challenge the usual claims of Federal insensitivity and the ‘we do everything wrong’ narrative. I suppose that is another skill I shall end up cultivating the more I post on these illustrious forums.

It would not be a far-fetched assumption that permission was granted by the Empire and Syndicate for their territory to be used for the purposes of the Federal Grand Prix. From a business standpoint, it makes sense to allow it as the publicity from the event will invariably benefit those areas. The Syndicate would do itself a disservice by ordering the destruction of the racers as it would not be good publicity in the long-run. For all my well-founded criticism of the Syndicate, they are not unintelligent and wouldn’t act against their interests.

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For the battles ahead, I recommend fortifying yourself with the insidious concoction designed to ensure the obedience of the Gallente population: brandied caramel lattes capped by heaps of whipped cream sprinkled with shaved orange peel and unsweetened dark chocolate.

And for all we know, they didn’t. So maybe hold off on pouring that scorn until your representative liberal democracy offers some actual transparency on the matter.

It also wouldn’t be a far-fetched assumption that even if such permission were granted at the highest levels, specific information didn’t flow as freely between event organizers and local jurisdictions.

I cannot speak with any certainty for the relevant holders, but I would be stunned if anyone in any position of power consented to the involvement of that city.

Whether broad permission for a race was given, or that implied by open stargates makes little difference; a Gallente organized event made a stupid or willfully provocative decision in their route, and you chose repeatedly to double down on that provocation by trivialising the mores and customs of those offended.

Pivoting now to what seems in practice to be ‘maybe if we squint hard enough we can see how someone might have agreed to it’ does not seem to be an improvement in your position.

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My congratulations to all the winners and participants of this year’s Federal Grand Prix. The Federation is an amalgamation of the human spirit itself - a testament to the determination of freedom to continuously create a better version of itself. In that vein, competition sports play an active role in the culture of our great Federation. They challenge us to be better - to do better - much in the same way the Federal charter lays the foundation for us to improve as human beings and as individual member states.

Under the wings of Liberty and Justice. For one, for all!


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