The indecency of the Grand Prix

Greetings, pilots.

I would like to point on a small detail, how Federation tries to spread its lies and indecent ideals even through such a peaceful-oriented event as a race.

Just look at the prizes they’re offering. Just at the very first one of them…
Contains a Festival Launcher module and a set of Four Freedoms fireworks

I am not kidding you. “Four FREEDOMS.” Fireworks.

Now tell me, how much a person shall be a psycopath and sociopath to celebrate… freedom? What normal people associate with this word? Disarray, freedom fighter terrorists, freedom cultists, tortures, genocide, death and destruction, invasions, occupations, orbital bombardments, general crime, guristas and prisoners breaking out from jail…

And now you have not just a freedom but FOUR of them. Great, huh? What else would they offer you to celebrate next? Eight murders? Happy genocide? Tortures in the shining rays of morning sun?..

Since the CONCORD did nothing to stop such indecency, I urge all the pilots to avoid the humiliation of participation in such disgracing event, and if possible, to apprehend the participants as suspects of being freedom cultists and fanatics.

Your Concerned Citizen,
– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.


I think you may be using a little too much of our product. If you need more let me know. We do bulk discounts.


Of course I don’t.
But if you really fail to comprehend even such easy concept and disregard your cognitive incapacity as others being under influence of your product, maybe you shall consider cleansing your own system of toxins that should have caused this effect, instead of boasting your incompetence in front of whole IGS.

Ms. Kim,

I would kindly like to point out that by using the IGS via Galnet you are exercising a number of these four freedoms to express your distaste for it.

Sincères Amitiés,

Clementine Lafleur



We agree once more. Have you inspected the rewards further? There are Gallente based ship skins… they wish to spread their colors as if they are little federation flags - claiming territory.

I am definitely dissuaded from participating. Too many Blood Raiders to hunt down anyway.

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Unfortunately, I have again to disagree with part of your statement. They can’t claim territory just by waving flags. In order to get that territory you have first to secure it, imagine when Tibus Heth liberated Caldari Prime and lifted Caldari Flag! Now, that was meaningful. Waving gallente flags in vain is just pitiful and pathetic.

Of course, in here and many other places drawing a Gallente flag can be considered an offensive action, especially when this flag is associated with numerous crimes against humanity and tortures that people have commited under this flag. Surely, you can even be arrested for this.

On the other hand, for people in the Federation it is a sign of Home, and there’s nothing wrong in being just patriots. Of course, they should realize that the Federal banner means so much grief for others and must be respectful enough to not lift it up outside their borders. Yet, I believe, if people want to fly Federal colors, they should (provided they aren’t our Citizens, of course!!) Simply if people root for Federation, just because they were born there - it’s acceptable. But if people outside of Federation will lift up Federal banner, it’s a filth and scum. Maybe just a wannabe villain or a kid which gonna be like “cool and brutal, fear me, fear the tribes, etc”

In contrast to that, praising of the atrocities themselves and concepts like genocide, freedom, POW tortures, rape - this must not be acceptable, because all these concepts show no patriotism and love for your home, they are blatant EXTREMISM, which if applied in practise leads only to death and suffering of others.

It was meant figuratively. One does not belong to Gallente for merely sporting a Luminaire skin, however it does mean that Gallente are literally spreading their colors as if to claim some small victory over the other Empires - though perhaps this is petty and not of real concern.

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