Frigates went kaboom!

So yeah, we had a lil’ fun scrap at Ouelletta yesterday.

Lookin through stats it seems there was 16k explosions total.

Was fun as balls.

My Drake had a fun time too! Drake | Hun Tra | Killmail | zKillboard

Anyhow, was anyone here attending? We saw all kinds of pilots, new and old, having a blast.

I did the whole 6 hours of explosions. Was pretty drained afterwards.


Pirates being pirates and therefore the Proving continues.

I wonder how the State feels about this?



Yarr indeed!

I was there, attempting to enforce our PLESCO ordinances. The level of lawlessness was just tremendous. Scanners registered over 1,400 capsuleers in system. Truly breathtaking.


It was beautiful.

We’re immortals, we’re allowed to have a lil fun.

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