Yeah! Stuff going down in k-space, finally. Planets getting shot by various groups. Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re all in bed together to make you buy more their trash when you fight them later on, just like all this crap.

Anyway, not to be too cynical, at least ■■■■’s going down. Undock undock undock, fire your missiles, fire your lasers and blasters and rockets and railguns and autocannons. Drones too, although I don’t like delegating my kills to tiny robots but hey you do you pal. Cause explosions! And be nice to your crew, I love mine, they’re cute. Yea.


Kill each other, since only through death you may become stronger. One death, one point less human scum in your already cybernetically rotten brain. Eventually you will be a KILLING MACHINE.
When we reach zero point humanity, we reach 100% killer mode. Shoot rockets out of your arse!

Point of this all: It is time to fight, pals. And later, hundreds of clones later, we can all have a laugh at some bar.

Ya boi Hun signing off. :heart:

This some good drink, what is this???

PS. I got podded 400th time yesterday. WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW


Is this what happens to you when you spend too much time in Amamake’s bars?


I love this crazy ■■■■■■■■■■■■. Hell yeah, agitator. 100% Killer Mode.

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400th pod breach, and no reason to disbelieve as far as I can tell.

Chaos as a way of life is something the Federation handles quite effectively I like to think.

Ouelletta bar, bro.

■■■■ my head hurts.

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