The Test Server is BORKED!

I can’t buy items off the market or search for items in my personal assets.

I’m sure there are more issues…

yep i hav 4 chars stuck with black screen, market dont works, stations looks very rare…

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I’ve cleared my cache and am rebooting now…

Still Borked!!!


We are aware of those issues after the latest update and are looking into it.

Edit: Although: If you are affected by the black screen, then please send a bug report with logs. So far I don’t know yet, what is causing this.

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Good to see that you’re still awesome!

i can’t, because game don’t show nothing

if helps for something, here its my log report:

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Can you reset and clear your cache?

nop, because i cant access to any menu in game.

I cleared the cache with other character of the same account but dont fix anything

all the characters with black screen are the ones i left undocked, if it helps too :smiley:

I don’t think you can properly clear the cache while another account is active. I’d drop down to one account, hit the [esc] button and see if the dialogue appears. If not, I’close that one and start over. I’d definitely clear the cache be for proceeding. You can also use the launcher tools.

i removed all the shared cache, downloaded it again and still got the black screen, aslo with another character after using /moveme to amarr got a black screen and at the bottom left of the screen a msg with “resource loading”.

i think its a server problem.

Did you read CCP’s response :arrow_up:

Thanks a bunch, this helped! A fix for this is in the works!

Very sorry for the inconvenience.

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I have found that if you select the default client profile in the launcher you dont get a black screen, so it seems to be an issue with something in a custom profile.

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It was a problem with special characters in overview settings. :slight_smile:

Singularity has been updated now and these problems (especially the black screen and buying things from the market) should be fixed now. If you find further problems, then please let us know (best would be if you write also a bug report).



Thank you!!!

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