The Tristans are Recruiting! Null Sec! QFC! PVP!

Started by an Ex Null/Low FC returning to the game after a long break, I decided it is time to build the best PVP corporation , after seeing Corporations & Alliances fail / fall apart/ beaten into the ground. I have learned many lessons , there will be NO CTAS there will be no BS this is a game and people have Real Lives. When you log online with Tristan’s you will have instant access to PVP and can make great ISK on the side!

  • We are part of QFC

  • We live in Null Sec and live the Low Life.

  • We are looking for EU time zones but our USTZ players are not forgotten we have a huge USTZ player base in Alliance.

  • We normally fly an assortment of T1 ships but we can and will bring bling ,caps ,dreads
    We Like Armor , Bleed Armor and sometimes have to fly Caracals (Ugh)

  • We are looking for all players of all skill levels ready to join. We are ready to invest time and ISK into training new players and helping them through the game.

  • Omegas Only at this time

  • Discord/Team speak is our main communications due to easy access for computers and cell phones.

  • Why Join The Tristan’s?

  • We are the best at least we think we are( And that is all that matters)

  • Small gang tight nit flying

  • Always flying different fleet doctrines that surprise the enemy every time

  • Mature Corp / Alliance and Coalition

  • Fantastic FCs

  • PVP training programs

  • SRP for Doctrine Ships

  • We Fight The Good Fight

What does the good fight mean you ask,

  1. WIN OR LOSE we give GFs
  2. We never back down we never run ( we sometimes up ship)
  3. We only Troll other Trolls, we do not engage in Noob trolling ( Its just messed up)
  4. We SRP players less than a week old that we kill ( Destroyer and Down)
  5. We always try and recruit pilots we kill :slight_smile:
    We Burn everything to the ground

Please see what we are all about below:
In Game Channel TTTAN

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