The Umbrella Agency - Join today and enter the 100 million weekly lottery!

The Umbrella Agency is looking for more active players, focused currently High Sec Mining, but beginning to branch into other areas. We have got some moon mining bases which have not long been built. Great for making ISK fast. We’re building them weekly.

All players are welcome, Alpha, Omega, New, Old, Returning, the person is more important than the SP.

We can offer

Mining fleets w/Orca boosts & support
Moon mining 
Corp buy back for ALL your raw materials
PvP - We might be an industry corp, but we will and do defend ourselves.
Opportunity for promotion
0% Tax on corp services such as reprocessing, research, and manufacturing.
Support for new players (skills, mods, ships, advice, etc)
A growing collection of BPO’s to manufacture from

If you’re interested in PvP, now is a good time to get in touch - just ask a recruiter.

Additionally, there are plans underway for mission running, exploration, and anything else the corp members want to be involved in. If you want to do it, the corp will support you.

We have players from the UK and the USA

Nothing is mandatory - your time is yours, you will never be told what to do and when. In fact, all we ask of members is;

Mature attitude
Discord & a mic

and that’s it. Promise. For more info either reply here, or get in touch in the following ways:

Please come chat with us on

Tradefederation or contact Ezra Starfury

Anyone interested?

Greetings Luke,

Would your corp be interested in joining a NS alliance? We would be able to offer you a ton of fresh content/indy/PvP

You .still receuiting

Yes we are buddy

come on our discord

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