The unintended consequences of free Omega + LP inflation + 5-man sites for Faction Wars

I think it is a great benefit of having sites in the game that reward teamplay. The critical point is the design, that should be changed in a way that these sites cannot be run with multiboxed kiting ships in any efficient way. In generall all future content should be designed in a way that nearly constant player attention is required for efficiency. However, the details of how to do that are better discussed in an own topic.

I disagree, time-limited offers like this give inactive players the option to return and experience the game with their full potential to decide if they want to come back for longer. And every returned player is a benefit for the game.

In principle, I agree, because I want there to be something people can do as a group. The battlefield site, for instance, has actually been doing a nice job of spiking systems to almost 100 players and generating fights. It’s moreso the way the 5-man sites thing was implemented that brings me here. If they can be altered so that the implementation is in line with that spirit, then I can’t see any reason to call for their removal.

Perhaps it was a bit overly pessimistic of me to assume that the majority of people who made use of the week of free Omega were existing players who only came to these blessed hunting grounds to generate revenue.

you are not goint to make 100m+ a hour in the hot zones. there are multiple people running them and general harassments.

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Player saturation evens it out during the populated hours, in most places, yes.

Tipa I would like to discuss somethings privately if available. These are these standpoints I agree on as well. Being the FW dedicated Militia member LP grinding while roleplaying.

the only systems u run are frontlines because LP payout else where is hot trash. Losers are multboxing Tristian’s and dragoons ect for easy isk though. CCP made a stupid change so now the frontlines are generally red because of excessive BF spawns.


In fairness the LP payout is always hot trash for me because I focus on keeping chosen systems at 0%.
It needs doing, though.