The Union of the Suns - New / Returning Player Friendly

The Union of the Suns is recruiting!

Union of Suns is more of a government than a corporation, who operate in highsec. We are a laid back community focused on PvE experience - if you are looking for more action, PvP is an option. All our taxes go towards expanding and helping you. Regardless of your experience, we welcome everyone from new to veterans.

✯ New player-friendly
✯ Weekly Events
✯ PvE based in Hi-Sec
✯ Friendly community
✯ Active Discord (with advance bots linked to Eve)

More information can be found by searching “The Union of Suns” in Eve or follow discord link below.

Solid art work on the gif? did you commission it or do it yourself?

In house - done by one of our Corp member.

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