[The Weekend Warriors] Recruiting corporations for EUTZ PVP in Detorid

Hey look still here still growin

Still goin

Welcoming SLYCE refugee corps.

come on in

Still open

hi hello come to fleet

Recruiting still.

Come join us as we watch all of our Pure Blind sov get taken from us. RIP those iHubs.

Come watch as we look at our new colors on dotlan

Still recruiting.

Still lookin for a good fit

heck bacardidesire

I heard that WKEND no longer has that ugly default alliance logo due to heroic adventures of a member, can you elaborate on this???

still alive


ayy still going

Iā€™d like to join. What is the application process please?

Mail or convo me in game.

neat still alive

WTB more people who can fly nightmares thx