[The Weekend Warriors] Recruiting corporations for EUTZ PVP in Detorid

The Weekend Warriors is a mid-sized alliance looking for a few more good EUTZ corps who are pvp focused and looking to grow. As an alliance we are focused on pvp and have krab/indy space as a side piece. We run very organized fleets and are looking for like minded people who enjoy small gang and fleets. We have several competent FCs, but we are happy to take on more.

What We Are Looking For

  • PVP focus
  • At least 10 active members
  • Generally members having ~30 mill SP or greater
  • Members able to afford doctrine ships

What We Offer

  • Blue to Winterco - Access to citadels/markets/indy
  • PVP - lots of it, we chose to live near the front of an active conflict, you won’t have a shortage of content
  • Fleets - Well organized and regular
  • Independence - We run our own fleets, we aren’t required to go on CTAs etc…
  • Own our own space - Live out of a faction fort
  • Krab space/Indy
  • Subcap SRP

Things we don’t do:

  • Spend 10 hours forming up
  • No commitment, if you’re busy no worries, we do this for fun, most of us have families and jobs.

We tend to fly doctrines we find enjoyable, we fly some off-meta stuff that is still effective based around what we plan on fighting. We take measured risks but we always aim to win, the point of the weekend fleets is to find the best content possible. Our doctrines occasionally change to adjust to new metas, but overall we will use what is both enjoyable and effective.

Current Doctrines:

  • Eagles
  • Lokis
  • Nightmares
  • Sleipnirs
  • Dreads/Triage/Carriers etc etc etc

Here’s what we do:

Recent Video:


Public Chat:
ISSW Boardroom

Mail or convo:
Howling Wind
Hansy Babes


This guy keeps pulling me back in spending sub money. The content this Alliance creates is sick, this weekend i was casualy shooting some 15 dreads (they died)!

Atmosphere is good i would recommend for bitter vets, waddup 2007

“This message was in no way sponsored or influenced by any of my alliances mates”


Awesome Group!

Good group to fly with Wolfs definitely knows his stuff.

Still lookin for more people


Fleets this weekend, sign up if you’re the kind of person who only has time for weekend fleets.

Still open

Come fly with us this weekend

this is a bump

Come join us next weekend for a roam.

We fly spaceships

One more bump

Come fly in a fleet or something idk

hello please join

Many fleets…mostly on the weekend

Hey guys; I’ll give you a shout later (hopefully before the end of the weekend!)

Fleets today and then again next week and then again and then again and so on

More fleets this weekend, come fly with us or browse our KB or something

I am in a different timezone endorsing my Alliance, what is wrong with me! Also soon Alliance logo!