[The Weekend Warriors] Recruiting people and corps for Low Sec

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The Weekend Warriors is a lowsec pvp alliance that plays as a group on the weekends on Saturday and Sunday during the EU timezone (18:00-21:00 is our typical fleet time frame). If you find yourself wanting to play eve, but lacking time during the week then we are likely a group for you. As our name implies we roam on weekends and take as many fights as we can. We have a few simple requirements and that’s all. We are open to recruiting both individuals and small corporations. We typically roam around Placid/Black Rise/The Citadel.

Things we do:
Fleet fights
Use Jump Freighters for all of our ■■■■, so if you need help moving stuff no problem.
Multi-box, a lot…seriously please join us so we can stop

Things we don’t do:
Structure bash
Spend 10 hours forming up
No commitment, if you’re busy no worries, we do this for fun not to have a second job.


Self sufficient with isk, we don’t farm as a group or use moon structures, so having a way to make isk is a must.
SP - No requirement, most of us are relatively high SP, but we can find something everyone can fly.

Current Doctrines:
Scorp Navies

  • All the ships we use to support these
    Dreads/Triage etc…

My killboard from November 5, 2017 and on is representative of what we do:

Contact the following individuals for more details:
Howling Wind

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Hi hello we still want friends

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Bumpity bump

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I fell for this recruitment add. I was 7 months clean and now playing again, welp. Good people, good fleets and dank kills.

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