The Wildcards. are Recruiting [PvPvE | US East Coast]

The Wildcards. are looking for new recruits!
Be a flying ace with a hidden card or two up your sleeve.

We offer:

  • Blops, Small Gang PvP, Gate Camps, & BF/Plex Fleets
  • Exploration, Planetary Interaction & Clone Soldier Hunting
  • Staging Structures, Buyback programs, & JF logistics

Our values:

  • Be Lighthearted, Adaptive, & Resilient

As spaceship capsuleers, we fully embrace the teachings of a half octopus, & half mushroom deity aptly named the “Otco-schroom”. We use its wisdom to guide the tentacle network to success!

Our play style accommodate newbros that want to explore low sec space. For the more experienced pilot, feel free to roam with a blops hunter, explore Pochven, or jump into a WH with a fellow Ace.

Through the tentacles of the network, we know the mechanisms and have the infrastructure to help you achieve your goals in Eve!

Join: channel “Public WCdot” ingame or jump on our discord

Reach out if you want to play with a tight knit group on the US East Coast, explore what low security space has to offer, and be part of the Otco-schroom’s Wildcards.

Still looking for new pilots!

Hay bud where’s your corp base would you be interested coming out to npc if you there’s plenty of pew pew around where we live

Hey! We are located in Minmatar Low Sec space - NPC Null space is not far from us. We go out there every now and then.

Enjoy clone soldier hunting and relic exploration between pew pews as part of Wildcards.

Reach out to learn more about the Wildcards.

Stop spinning your ship and go to low sec!

Enjoy PvPvE content with spaceship comrades!

Check us out in-game!

Join channel “Public WCdot” ingame to learn more!

Get ready for the new changes with the Wildcards.!