There is no alternative in faction laser ammo department to Scorch crystals

Dear Devs and Community,

I realized there is no alternative to Scorch laser crystals in the faction ammo department. On the contrast to Beams where Multi and Standart/Microwave can compete with T2 of Gleam and Aurora, in Pulse there is no ammo which can match the range and the damage output of Scorch. IMHO faction pulse lasers crystals need a slight buff, at least the long range ones, so players can have a faction alternative to Scorch ammo.

Fly safe

No scorch is already good,some even say too good for what it gives

i am honestly surprised scorch has never been nerfed to be honest… it’s tooo good nothing compares, but i still like the infinite ammo aspect of standard crystals!

There is a counter to everything.

Scorch crystals are good… but they have horrible tracking when compared to the basic version. When you add the fact that lasers have the worst tracking in the game.

They have good range, and pretty decent damage. But being locked in Thermal-EM, they are easy to counter with any good armor tanked ship.

Yes lasers are good, but to say they are OP with one ammo choice is pretty far from the truth.

Lasers actually have both best and worst tracking in the game.

Short range lasers or Pulse Lasers have the worst tracking in the game compared to all other short range weapons.
Long range lasers or Beam Lasers have the best tracking in the game when compared to long range weapons.


This is true, but I was staying on the overall topic of pulse lasers, and other short range weapons.

I love lasers in game because I dont have to carry ammo. But I hate them because they are locked into a set damage type so I am limited in options.

If you want a good alternative to Scorch, fit beams and use short range ammo. Yes, there are tradeoffs, but you can more or less achieve what you’re trying to do.

Scorch is extremely good. Buffing other crystals to make it less of a standout option would be such a huge buff to lasers in general that it’s just not viable.

Dont feel too bad. Gallente rails and blasters are locked into kin/therm damage. But you can switch up drones though if you know the hole in the enemy tank.

Sorch, as well as gleam you mentioned is 100% standard T2 ammo designed solely for out of range/below my guns situations. It was, is and will be like this, so your scorh lost virginity affection does not apply here.
If you only use scorch on your pulses, you’re doing it wrong, mah boy. And lose a ton of dps while at it too.

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