Third Time's the Charm - Brisc Rubal for CSM 16

If you can get CCP to lower broker fees then you’ll have my votes forever.

You got my vote Brisc The Red Dot Rubal :wink:

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I had a very long conversation with Rhivre the other day about these kinds of issues. I need to figure out something to pitch on this to CCP.

Shouldn’t you be in favor of exorbitant market fees? It benefits the nullsec industrial empires the most.

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:woman_supervillain: Always good for a laugh! :wink:

While 3% is almost impossible, you can get down to almost that number. What do you want it reduced to?

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What if he can get them to restore the Systems Commonwealth? >.>

That’s Victor Steiner-Davion’s old group isn’t it?

:facepalm: That’s the Federated Commonwealth!

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I’m such a good troll I knew you’d get the reference.

Well, I can’t really let a troll like that go unrewarded, can I? :stuck_out_tongue:

Love all the work you’ve done over the years my friend, I wanted to get your position on the current corp finder tool in game? Something that is so essential to the way we play the game, feels really bad at the moment, would you be in favor of not letting corps intersect multiple time zones, so at the very least, when a person looks for a corp in their time zone, they aren’t just given the basic 00-2400 hours of activity as their advertised amount? And would you make it or suggest, that they make every corp declare what their primary time zones are, so that players can be certain that if they are AU tz allegedly, there is a big chance that others are in that time zone.

Any other suggestions or thoughts on the current state of the corp finder tool would be really appreciated.

The corp finder needs to be completely redone, and we’ve talked about this with CCP on a number of occasions. It is cumbersome, all of the adverts say similar things, and it’s very hard for a new player to separate the good corps to the dead ass ■■■■ stations and make a good decision as to where they want to go. The corp finder is ancient, and we have years, if not decades, worth of experience about what works and what doesn’t in pairing up players with corps, and I will continue asking for this to part of on-going efforts to “fix the stupid” in the new player experience.


What is the Corp finder?




This is actually the #1 position in my list of ■■■■ to advocate for, at all times. Not only do we have years of experience, data, and anecdotal evidence, we now have the Activity Tracker but no way to match that data to corporations of similar activity and interest. Facebook and Amazon do a better job of advertising my likes to me than EVE Online does. And yet EVE devs - and Hilmar - routinely tout the amount of granular data they have. Something smells.


Good to see you’re staying in it, Brisc.

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the system in game to find a corp that you want to join.

I thought that was the recruitment channel.