Third Time's the Charm - Brisc Rubal for CSM 16

it is called recruitment. when you click on recruitment under the corporation tab in game, you get several options to choose, like time active etc… that whole system needs redone…

This reads more like a manifesto than a question to Brisc. The CSM has done a lot of things to help us, they are objectively a force for good for the community even during difficult times.


That is pretty hilariously ironic in this very thread considering who OP is. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It’s a Twitch show, and we asked him a number of hard questions.

Because shaming someone publicly that you then have to work with behind the scenes is generally a bad idea. That wasn’t the point of the show. We wanted to get information out to the players. There were a number of things he said that were of value.

No, the CSM is made effective by the NDA, because CCP feels comfortable sharing ideas with us that may never make it to the light of day because they don’t have to worry about us running to reddit every ten minutes every time they brainstorm something completely stupid.

There’s an entire list of things in this very thread that we’ve accomplished for the players this term, and forgive me if I don’t particularly value the feedback of a person who thinks success is spelled with the word suck in it. Your oral fixation aside, it was a pretty good show by all accounts and it did what we wanted it to do.

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Who exactly do you think I am, that makes this an ironic statement? Are there things I’m doing on the CSM you dislike?

No, I am referring to you being the one who was targeted by other CSM members during one of your terms and as a result who CCP expelled from the CSM for which later they apologized once they actually bothered to do an investigation.

Ah, got it. Even objective forces for good make mistakes. :slight_smile:

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Yeah didn’t expect you to hold grudges about it and true it doesn’t mean a single despite huge mistake should be overemphasized, was not my goal to do so just found it pretty hilarious a statement with that context in mind. :smiley:

You got my vote I only ask that we get some Pi QoL changes.

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One of my side jobs has been a bit of an amateur historian on the CSM and campaigns for the CSM. I’ve been tracking a lot of CSM related items for a year or so, and I was looking at numbers of candidates per CSM. I think you guys might find this interesting. Here’s the total number of candidates for the CSM vs. the slots available.

CSM # of Candidates Slots
1 64 14
2 42 14
3 40 14
4 48 14
5 53 14
6 57 14
7 40 14
8 31 14
9 36 14
10 75 14
11 53 14
12 64 10
13 46 10
14 44 10
15 40 10
16 37 so far 10

The fact that we have 37 announced candidates so far on the first day you can officially apply is pretty significant, especially as a number of incumbents who have signaled their intention to run again have yet to apply.

Looks like we’re on pace for the most CSM candidates (assuming everybody is found eligible) since CSM 12 in 2017.

Good luck everybody.


Except for Vily. He doesn’t need luck.

Campaign season is in full swing here at Brisc for CSM 16 HQ.

First up, I did a CSM interview with my buddy DTM, which you can watch as soon as he uploads it to youtube.

Second, I did an interview along with a number of CSM candidates with RHP, a largely German language Alliance. You can read it here.

Third, I sat down with the boys at the Low Life Podcast for my third interview of the season. You can listen to it here.

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If you really want to make progress on the C19 issue, then you should probably start by taking yourself seriously. Your post is kinda goofy - and easily dismissed.


It’s my understanding that it is the various governments of the countries we live in who are only willing to open up international travel to those who have been vaccinated. Given that many, if not most, of the current CSM are vaccinated and should be able to travel, I would like that to be an option.

If you don’t want the vaccine, don’t get it.

They aren’t going to say anything, and even if they do, that has no impact on me.

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Good gravy. You really are a precious :snowflake:


Brisc Rubal is one of the most important candidates for the CSM that you could ever elect. This man respects all people of all backgrounds, and responds to every inquiry, comment, suggestion or criticism that you can offer. There are few CSM members who could ever be as reliable, productive, and fair as Brisc is, and I think he is the gold standard for what you want in a CSM candidate.


Thanks to Frozen Fallout and the guys over at Guldan Age Stories for letting me sit down with them last night. You can watch the interview here.

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Yeah, yeah, that’s great I guess.

But how big will my stimulus check be if I vote for this guy?

$1.05, the price of freedom.