Third Time's the Charm - Brisc Rubal for CSM 16

Brisc for potus 2024 :grinning:

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DTM135 has been doing CSM interviews. As I noted above, I sat down with him earlier this week on twitch. If you missed it, you can check the video out here.

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Good luck Brisc,
I will be voting for you despite my concerns.
And thank you for what you did address from my set of uncomfortable questions.
Wishing us all well.

I hope you’ll consider joining me, Phantomite, Maldavius, Jurius Doctor, Xtrasquishy, Orin “It’s a Taco” Borider, and two CSM candidates to be named later for DTM135’s CSM16 ROYALE, a first of it’s kind showdown between CSM candidates live on on May 8th and 20:00 EVE time, 4 PM Eastern Freedom Time.

Looking forward to hanging with the boys and stomping Phantomite AKA Mr. Coca Cola, in a head to head contest.

See you then!

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Dashing good looks aren’t a requirement for CSM candidacy but Brisc brings them to the table anyway, he has earned my vote.

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Brisc Rubal, the man who said he would rid us of the red plague (he did !), the level headed representative who at least tries to look at possible issues from different angles and is mostly free from bias, also the show host who cares about stuffed monkeys and his boss’ fish, the warrior who doesn’t even blink let alone sheds salt (in public) when he loses a capital ship, the eve player who communicates even with his most dire in-game enemies in a respectful way, the traveler who didn’t get to travel to Iceland for an entire year (!), and last but not least, one of a few who made an effort communicating back from the CSM to us …
… that man gets my vote (again).


you have my vote!


This guy is talking a lot of sense. 10/10 would recommend.


Thanks to DTM135 for hosting the first CSM Candidate Battle Royale yesterday on his stream. We went for over close to three hours, and raised over $1000 for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, during May which is National Mental Health Awareness month in the United States.

I want to thank @whispous, @Rixx_Javix, @Orin_Borider, @Xtra_Squishy_lol, @Maldavius, @Isaac_Collins, and @Gideon_Zendikar for taking part, and thanks to DTM and Zaenis for hosting. It was a fun stream, and I think we kept the audience of over 400 people entertained and informed the whole time.

In a crowd of that many notables, I’m proud to have emerged victorious, which - let me tell you - is the first Battle Royale I have won in a long, long time. Looking forward to seeing the Youtube video when it’s ready.


You got my vote. Thank you for being active in our forums Mr. Rubal

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It’s common Washington DC parlance to say someone is “making the rounds” when they hit all of the major Sunday talk shows. In EVE, it’s pretty similar, given that most of the main talk shows happen on the weekend. As campaign season kicks into gear as we near the end of the candidate declaration process, I made the rounds of all the major EVE talk shows this weekend, starting Thursday with Theta Thursday on INN.

Then we moved on Saturday to INN’s afternoon talk show, Push to Talk, alongside fellow CSM Candidate Dr. Spodumain.

Later that day I co-hosted the Meta Show alongside the Mittani

And, finally, I ended the weekend doing Talking in Stations with Matterall, Caleb, Suitonia and RonUSMC, the last two of whom are joining me as CSM candidates this year.

This was a long weekend of streaming, but I hope everybody got a chance to get out and hear me talking about EVE as I often do.

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The announcement and candidacy period for CSM 16 has now ended, and we have a whopping 61 announced candidates with open threads on the CSM forum. This is the largest number of CSM candidates announced for one CSM since CSM 12 in 2017, when 64 candidates qualified to run.

Obviously not all of the candidates who have announced will qualify to run, but even if a handful are disqualified, it is clear that this election will see more people running than we’ve seen in almost half a decade.

In addition, we have a significant number of current or former CSM members running for seats this time around. There are 8 current CSM members running for reelection, and 3 former CSM members (Suitonia, Xenuria and PGL) have announced as well. A significant number of EVE streamers/media personalities are throwing their hat in the ring to follow Torvald’s successful 2020 run, including LussyLou (I beast), RonUSMC, Arsia Elkin, Jurius Doctor, Xtrasquishy, and Rich Richman.

This should be an interesting campaign period, given how many notable personalities with fan bases have decided to get in this race.

Looking forward to seeing how many qualify.


I am a single issue voter, all that I care about is the return of Captain’s Quarters. Where do you stand on this issue?


As much as I and many others would like to see walking in stations return, I do not foresee this ever being added back in. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think it’s likely at all.


So I was in favor of increased prices of titans and supers from 40bil to 90bil for titans and from 11bil to 22bil for supers because they were way too cheap. However in my opinion the current prices are just insane. On top of that I think the most important problem is that dreads are now like 6bil, I had no problem with dreads being their previous 1.5bil and think they should go back to being that price.

What are your thoughts on this whole situation?

Dreads are ammo and there’s a real problem with them being as expensive as they are. As I noted above in “end scarcity now” all of this gameplay is making it much, much harder for players who haven’t made their pile of isk to catch up to those who did. CCP needs to turn the faucets back on to get these prices back to reasonable levels, at least for Dreads.


Campaign teaser is live!

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How does that not help the already rich just get more wealthy? Don’t you guys say all the time that any mechanic or feature meant to help the little guy only benefits the large groups much much more?

You saying things like “end scarcity” and then talk about catchup mechanics for those that don’t operate under an umbrella of a large bloc are cool and all but it seems like buzzwords really.

It helps everybody get more wealthy. I don’t think there’s any Malcanis Rule implications here - the reality is that it will make everybody’s income generation easier, and that will always benefit the folks that have less because isk matters more to them than those with billions. It’s the same as in real life.

I’m not suggesting “catch up mechanics” - I’m suggesting opening up the faucets again, not to let anybody catch up, but to let everybody mine and make isk easier than they can now. This should benefit everybody, regardless of where they live.

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I am voting for and fully endorsing Brisc Rubal for CSM16

There is liturally nothing you all know about Brisc for me to say that will put him higher on a pedestal.
He is an amazing gentleman, and he fully deserves to continue his role within the CSM

Goodluck Brisc
You have my full support o7