Thread for Tears

Sociopath is a term often thrown around in EvE online by crybears who had a wrench thrown into the credit/hour grind fest by a high sec content creator.

You would think that they would welcome a change to the monotony. But alas. That is not the case.

High sec content creators are often labeled as psychopaths, sociopaths, puppy kickers, kitten drowners, grandma pushers, and a lot worse. They really are a class of people that endure racism from the general highsec population. And as such, we need to educate more high-sec denizens about this minority group that is oftentimes “mislabeled” and unjustly persecuted.

You are quite right, we have been called sociopaths, but I would say that we are more accurately, axe wilelding homicidal maniacs, aka psycopaths with a thirst for blood, tears and a good laugh.

You would think, that is the reason why I’ve been sentenced to multiple consecutive lifetime sentences in prison. But no. It was because I blew up a fictional pixilated spaceship in a videogame.

In highsec no less.

Instead of ’ you have 1000 boring SP’…or some useless free skin for a ship you don’t have…I’d like the login to Eve to be more like this…

Wait… @Zaera_Keena

Why was I @ mentioned in this thread. I just go with the flow wherever I am.

Altara, I’m surprised you haven’t caught on to this:

EvE is really just a reskinned Pokemon rip-off where you’re supposed to collect all the ships.

Sometimes you battle your ships in PvP but that makes you sociopath, IRL.


Crying for all those miners who got blown up in Hisec and the absence of the bounty system.


Because you are special

Not having any. To be honest , I just want to go back to hell, where everyone thinks I’m smart and funny.

Now that she is repairing security status it makes it even more difficult to shoot.

Awww - poor Frostypecker, -2.95 and missing her already.

I really don’t know who scares me the most, either it’s you or her.

I might act like I am hunting but really I feel like it is me the one being hunted and the fact that now the security status is positive to the point that faction police don’t step in to protect miners like me New Eden is really not very safe to undock.

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I want to QQ about restoring a biomass character does not recover the assets. Of course this is totally wrong and almost criminal. There shouldn’t be a recovery AT ALL.

Take my salty tears, feed damsel in distress until I manage to get my hands in another proper ship to go save her.

I also want to QQ about that mission, the compound explosion still damage my drones. IMAGINE THAT?

I also want to cry about all my T1 empty frigates that got blow in LS, they shouldn’t shoot me while I’m unarmed. A simple, “leave please” would do.