Thread for Tears

Because it took you over 9 days to respond?

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Was it really 9 days though?


I must be one of those future people.

future people

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Something needs to be done about the price of Tritanium as the price is on the rise.

I think Highsec needs more miners with larger rocks to mine.

We can’t afford to keep being the only one here trying to keep this thread about salt and tears alive!

Make a effort or had you just gone soft care bear?

My eyes are watery but I’m not crying. It’s caused by the suns in every system of New Eden, they too damn bright.

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I want to complain for the future…
Why had the NES store started to give away free plex?

This should be made available only to exisiting accounts as this has the protentual to crash and we don’t want another dumpster fire yet again!


Multiboxing Accounts should not have access to this amount of Free Plex in the NES Store? Are they even watching the Alliance Tournment with 1000’s of accounts?

I expected the price of PLEX to decline by now from the 25 PLEX per account give away. The bid/ask in Dodixie is:

4,734,000 / 5,025,000

I got some excess iskies I was thinkin’ of snapping up some PLEX at a buyers market. Maybe this weekend.

  • Love the pay to win. I could never make any money back in 2003 to buy ships, so couldn’t really play the game. Now I just swipe and set to go. (no sarcasm)

Dude, I feel that.

Stop being so evil @Uriel_the_Flame
You know what you did!

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He’s an angel Frosty

Just for butting in yet again, the monthly is going to someone else this month.


see we knew it would be funny and generate a laugh.

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Where is my 1 billion Frosty?

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/edit changed this to a complaint rather than a request.

Why is it so difficult to move out of Highsec and still do the same things?

Lots of Tears in here, kept me fed for years

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Frostpacker would like to invest in another two Orcas please as we currently have two miners sitting idle.

3rd party you say? Do you cover the tax?