Thread for Tears

Just put your tears here. They can be tears regarding like, whatever you wanna cry about. Just leave 'em here instead of everywhere else around the forums.

I’ll start:

The faction police stifle highsec content, and I don’t know what this spinny thing on top of my catalyst even does!!! Darn it, CCP!



The facpo suck:

CONCORD too: (actually, I blame my alt there. She must have deliberately run the limited engagment timer down because she knew my safety was red).

However, CONCORD sucks for her too:

Actually, can we just say, highsec is too hard for my level of intelligence. I am way better sticking to low/null.

I cry over my lack of intelligence sometimes.


Don’t cry…I seared my tear ducts several yrs ago and have no regrets…especially after watching Titanic. Still on top of the world…zing.

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When I see a thread about WiS, it reminds me of this song:

Then I cry tears of laughter, because I imagine people running around in avatars hugging each other out of happiness for their virtual “existence”.


This thread sucks, you’re all losers who live in your mom’s basement on disability welfare for sociopathy and you smell — NOT LITERAL, my attempt at tears. :blush:


Hahahaha that actually made me laugh and I AM a sociopath! :slight_smile:
Don’t mistake sociopaths for psychopaths, though, like Hannibal Lector. :grin:

Oh and to be on topic: There was a man, or woman, who countered my well written post with a simple minded one-liner and it makes me sad. :frowning:


He was a mix of a bunch of things no? Cannibal, wore peoples skin, etc…oh sh%t off topic…YOU LOSER!!! Was your mom at the keyboard for that fight?

“I have a very close family member who is stroke victim so you sound like an idiot Robocop. Explain to me left-side avoidance or being in a coma for 3 yrs and making a great recovery as expected. I’ll ignore your idiot statement because it does not relate to anything.
Yes, funny enough the person was a multiple stroke victim. She had a vein abnormality, which lead to a minor right side stroke then after almost recovering, she had a major stroke, 2 weeks after getting her bachelor of Arts. The ct-scan doctor said he had seen similar brain scans on cadavers only. Think before you type moron, you got me somewhat depressed of memories now…unplugs +4 memory implant.
Aren’t we all a lil crazy?” - FlipMoe Squad (Holeysheet1)


theyre the same thing

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Nope, they’re not. Have fun on the F-scale.

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is that directed at me

Nope. Not at all. Just like feelings and emotions aren’t words for the same thing, despite what the common folk tend to believe.

Personally I’m - on topic :grin: - deeply offended by this (WAHWAHWAH REEEEEE), yet don’t plan on making your life miserable or killing you, like an actual psychopath would.

well youre both wrong
neither of those terms are even used to describe disorders anymore
you wont find either of them in the dsm

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Ah, we’re wrong now, despite having been correct about it since the terms got invented. :grin:

Apparently a nerve has been struck. Well on topic, dear Sir and or Madam.

/me plants a bucket.

Fill it! :grin:

psychopathy was turned into sociopathy after hitchcock film psycho created a bad public impression of the term
then sociopathy got used a lot in media and created a similar negative impression
now its called antisocial personality disorder
its all the same disorder just with different names


Though despite the claims, sociopaths who feel empathy exist. Quite the many, actually. That the terms got “politically corrected” doesn’t change anything about them.

You can call a person with Down a retard, or “person of special needs” and it’s still the same :point_right::ok_hand:ing thing, but the latter hides that fact with words that “protect” feelies and make it look like these people aren’t normal humans. They are, but psychopaths are sick freaks and monsters.

George Carlin also has quite a few words about that.

You need to try harder. The bucket’s not full yet.

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whats cute is that you claim to be diagnosed with a mental disorder that doesnt exist then have to cherry pick some piece of text to try and prove me wrong

while ignoring the first paragraph of the article

Doctors don’t officially diagnose people as psychopaths or sociopaths. They use a different term instead: antisocial personality disorder.


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No, I don’t claim that. You do. Reread my words. I’m not a doctor, but i don’t need a doctor to know myself. Unlike you, apparently.

People changing definitions doesn’t invalidate the time when they were correct. They are still correct. Only people with no actual understanding - like you - would think that by changing terms actual reality around them changes as well. It doesn’t.

That’s why someone with Down is still a retard, and also a person with special needs. To me, personally, it’s just the next guy/gal, because i honestly don’t give a flying crap about labelling people unless they - directly, or indirectly - ask for it.

All you do, quite obviously by now, is filling that bucket. Very good! I even feel bad about planning to continuously trigger your ego. :slight_smile:

Try harder. You need the experience to improve yourself. :slight_smile:

[quote=“yellow_parasol, post:19, topic:10635”]
I’m not a doctor, but i don’t need a doctor to know myself. Unlike you, apparently.
[/quote]ah okay so its just a fantasy
sorry for spoiling your fun then