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It’s amazing how you manage to stay in this bubble of yours. :smiley:

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[quote=“yellow_parasol, post:19, topic:10635”]
People changing definitions doesn’t invalidate the time when they were correct. They are still correct.
[/quote]except the model for psychopathy has changed many times over the past 200 years so there is no way the definition can still be correct when the illness itself has been redefined so many times
sociopathy and psychopathy were used interchangably by professionals for decades until their removal from the dsm
these days it seems some pop psychologists have decided to give them different definitions
based on their own personal opinion about their meanings
despite the fact neither term is medically recognised anymore


The dsm is nothing but an outdated set of texts with archaic protocols which most of the folks actually working in that field in a 4th world country no longer relevant to progression of the field either way abhor exactly because of those reasons. Must be pure irony that the highest number of publications, both scholarly, article based and field specific books, in relation to the latest incarnation of the dsm are geared towards its limitations, disadvantages, vulnerabilities and failings. As opposed to advocacy for it.

Beside the point. A sociopath is not the same as a psychopath. The pathologies are vastly different, it’s people’s perception and related perception problems that confuse not only these two, but all the connected behavioural elements.

The funny thing is that it is such differences in behavioural psychology - with and without connected pathologies - which provide most of the functional requirements for EVE’s emergent dynamic environment.

Tears, are fuel for several types of emotive engines. Something game design cannot get to with mechanical design principles, but that is an entirely different debate.

Now be a good little kid and start reading up on filter bubbles, bias effects, mirroring and I’m sure tons of people can find you tons of more relevant homework.

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Starting a line with an “Except” usually shows that the person is angry. It’s not a word one uses when actually thinking up proper sentences. It comes up when a person already begins to form a reply before even finishing reading, indicating that the person is angry, or triggered.

I am overlooking your lack of punctuation. it appears that you have a reason, though you should know that your sentences, despite appearing structured, actually come across as one, single stream of anger leaking out of your fingers.

Try. Harder.

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so what is the correct authority on the subject

[quote=“yellow_parasol, post:24, topic:10635”]
Starting a line with an “Except” usually shows that the person is angry. It’s not a word one uses when actually thinking up proper sentences. It comes up when a person already begins to form a reply before even finishing reading
[/quote]except i read your whole post before coming up with this reply and i still started it with except
and even if i am angry
what does that have to do with anything
im not the one claiming to be a self-diagnosed higher functioning sociopath

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I’m opting out now. Meeting a friend, having a beer. I usually don’t drink beer, but there’s “beer weeks” and it changes every week. And you really are hilarious with your insistance on stuff that has no actual relevance, as if I needed to be a doctor to be smart enough to figure myself out.

It’s as if i couldn’t earn money as a programmer, because i never visited a school that officially taught me how to be a programmer. I never did and I’m really happy about that. I never got an official piece of paper, with a Label attached to it, declaring me a Labelled (Programmer), yet I earn money as a programmer. Next to other things I can do :slight_smile:

Wait … Are you projecting onto me? :scream:
That’s disgusting! I must ask you to stop doing so immediately !

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have fun

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Read thread and expected a thread of salt with more holeysheet rants, leaving disappointed

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waaaaa waaaaa my main got banned from these new forums already, so I have to exert my revenge on the one guy who succeeded in getting me banned
-You know who

@Saeger1737 here’s some for you :wink:

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Some self-important pleb

aww look at it, it’s trying to get some attention XD

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for all participants grab a

hankie on your way out.

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In the spirit of the original post, the sleepers suck:

Or, perhaps I suck, especially as I logged off in disgust at my incompetence only to further my incompetence by not logging in until it was to late to collect the dropped items. (They de-spawned as the MTU was hauling in the wreck) :anguished: :cry: :rofl:


Yes well, sucking is not necessarily a bad thing - or so a dev once told me on coldfront :psyccp:

Been breaking my brain over that ever since :cry:

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I have a collection of Facebook tears, which I sadly can’t post here (they’re glorious tho, I can assure you)

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Well this new resource wars nonsense sounds likely to be very carebearish and lame. There’s some ganker tears for ya.

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Give back my CQ CCP. :cry: